Sensitivity of Load and Power Responses to Blade Chord and Twist Distributionsfor Various Inflow Turbulence Conditions



Sensitivity of rainfall threshold to unsaturated material properties
Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Ahmadiadli, Mohammad; Toker, Nabi Kartal (null; 2015-11-25)
Ozen, G.; Selçuk, Nevin (2014-05-04)
Predictive accuracy and computationally efficiency of method of lines (MOL) solution of the discrete ordinate method (DOM) coupled with different radiative property estimation techniques (GG, SLW, SNBCK) are assessed by applying them to the prediction of incident radiative fluxes along the freeboard walls of a 0.3 MWt atmospheric bubbling fluidized bed combustor (ABFBC) and comparing their predictions with measurements generated previously from two runs one without and the other with recycle. Freeboard is t...
Sensitivity of WRF-derived hydrometeorological extremes to sea surface temperatures in regions with complex topography and diverse climate
Pilatin, Heves; Yücel, İsmail; Düzenli, Eren; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul (2021-12-15)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.This study investigates the impact of sea surface temperature (SST) describing the lower boundary of Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model on the extreme weather events that occurred on the Mediterranean (MED) and the Eastern Black Sea (EBS) regions of Turkey. For each region, one extreme event case is selected and characterized as a summer convective system in EBS and as a winter synoptic system in MED region. The SST impact on the WRF model forecasts of these events is accomplis...
Sensitivity of Nozzle-Based Foamed Asphalt Binder Characteristics to Foaming Parameters
Öztürk, Hande Işık (2014-01-01)
Foam-based warm-mix asphalt technologies decrease the overall viscosity of the asphalt mixture at lower temperatures so that it is workable during construction. However, after construction, viscosity increases rapidly as the foam disappears and the temperature drops. Although the production of the foamed binder is a relatively simple process, in which hot binder is mixed with a limited amount of water (typically 1% to 3% by weight of the binder), the rheology of the foamed binder is complex. The characteris...
Sensitivity of EEG and MEG to conductivity perturbations
Acar, CE; Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (2003-09-21)
Solution of the Electro-Magnetic Source Imaging (EMSI) problem requires an accurate representation of the head using a numerical model. Some of the errors in source estimation are due to the differences between this model and the actual head. This study investigates the effects of conductivity perturbations, that is, changing the conductivity of a small region by a small amount, on the EEG and MEG measurements. By computing the change in measurements for perturbations throughout the volume, it is possible t...
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