Effect of Inclination of Screens on Energy Dissipation Downstream of Small Hydraulic Structures

Bozkuş, Zafer
Ger, Ahmet Metin


Effect of solidification rate on spatial distribution of SiC particles in A356 alloy composites
CETIN, Arda; Kalkanlı, Ali (Elsevier BV, 2008-08-26)
The damage and deformation behaviour of particulate reinforced metal matrix composites (PMMCs) can be highly sensitive to local variations in spatial distribution of reinforcement particles, which markedly depend on melt processing and solidification stages during production of PMMCs. The present paper attempts to study the effect of solidification rate on cluster formation in an Al-Si-Mg (A356) alloy composite reinforced with SiC particles and to explore the applicability of spatial functions to PMMC micro...
Effect of Foundation Soil Stiffness on the Seismic Performance of Integral Bridges
Dicleli, Murat (Informa UK Limited, 2011-05-01)
In this study, the effect of foundation soil stiffness on the seismic performance of integral bridges (IBs) is investigated. For this purpose, nonlinear structural models of a two-span TB with four different foundation soil stiffness types (loose, medium, medium-dense and dense sands) are built. In the nonlinear structural models, nonlinear soil structure interaction including free-field effects is considered. Then, the nonlinear time history analyses of the TB models are conducted using a set of ground mot...
Effect of surface roughness on wall slip in flow of suspensions
Gülmüş, Sergül Açıkalın; Yılmazer, Ülkü; Department of Chemical Engineering (2002)
Effect of Surface and Oxygen Coverage on Ethylene Epoxidation
Ozbek, M. O.; Önal, Işık; van Santen, R. A. (2012-08-01)
Ethylene epoxidation was studied as a function of oxygen coverage; for three different surfaces (111), (100) and (110) of three different IB metals using periodical DFT calculations. Oxygen coverage dependence was tested for 11, 25 and 33 % surface oxygen on Ag(111) surface. Calculations showed that increasing oxygen amount increased the exothermicity of the reaction while lowering the activation barriers. At studied oxygen ratios ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde formations proceed through OMC intermediate. ...
Effect of pressure and particle size on the thermal cracking of light crude oils in sandstone matrix
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2009-4-27)
This research is focused on the effects of pressure (100-300 Pa) and matrix and on light crude oil combustion in sandstone matrix using pressurized differential scanning calorimetry (PDSC). Light crude oils and sandstone mixtures were prepared to give a composition of 15 mass% crude oil in sandstone matrix. A total of forty-eight PDSC experiments were performed. Roger and Morris kinetic model was used to analyse the data obtained from PDSC experiments and the results are discussed.
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