Tabu Search Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

Karaboğa, Derviş
Kalınlı, Adem


Tabu-based heuristic approach for optimization of network evacuation contraflow
Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye (2006-01-01)
In urban evacuations, especially in response to an expected disaster, capacity reversibility (also known as contraflow) has been considered a workable strategy to reduce traffic congestion and to meet evacuation time deadlines. Currently, contraflow strategies are mostly planned by relying on engineering judgment because of the lack of appropriate large-scale decision support tools. A tabu search-based heuristic approach is introduced here that can be applied on realistic-size networks. The approach relies ...
Tabu-Search-Based Combinatorial Subset Selection Approach to Support Investigation of Built Environment and Traffic Safety Relationship
Alisan, Onur; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Ozguven, Eren Erman (2022-07-01)
Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death globally, with an increasing rate in urban areas. Thus, this study focuses on the relationship between built environment (BE) and traffic safety (TS), by constructing a relationship model using BE variables. The aim of this paper is to determine the best subset of BE variables through a generalizable methodology. The BE is operationalized through the D-classification (e.g., density, diversity, and design), and various datasets are collected from different agencie...
PMU based robust state estimation using scaling
Göl, Murat (2012-09-11)
State estimation problem is commonly solved by the weighted least squares (WLS) method, which is known to be non-robust, i.e. it fails in the presence of a single bad measurement. A more robust alternative is the least absolute value (LAV) estimator which can automatically reject bad-data in the absence of the so called leverage measurements. When using only measurements provided by phasor measurement units (PMU), it can be shown that leverage measurements can be eliminated easily by strategic scaling. Henc...
PMU placement for robust state estimation
Göl, Murat (2013-09-25)
METU Dataset: A Big Dataset for Benchmarking Trademark Retrieval
Tursun, Osman; Kalkan, Sinan (2015-05-22)
Trademark retrieval (TR) is the problem of retrieving similar trademarks (logos) for a query, and the main aim is to detect copyright infringements in trademarks. Since there are millions of companies worldwide, automatically retrieving similar trademarks has become an important problem, and currently, checking trademark infringements is mostly performed manually by humans. However, although there have been many attempts for automated TR, as also acknowledged in the community, the problem is largely unsolve...
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