PMU based Dynamic Model Calibration of Type-4 Wind Turbine Generators

Açılan, Etki
Erden, Fatih
Ustundag, Oguzhan
Bozkurt, Ersan
Göl, Murat
© 2022 IEEE.Dynamic models of power plants may change during its operation due to physical processes and human error. Inaccurate dynamic power plant models may affect the operation and planning of power systems. Hence, keeping the model updated is crucial. Traditionally, dynamic models of power plants are calibrated by offline staged tests. Recently, PMU based remote calibration techniques are developed in attempt to calibrating the dynamic models remotely and reducing the frequency of offline calibration. This paper presents the implementation of PMU based dynamic model calibration of Type-4 Wind Turbine Generators by using the Ensemble Kalman Filter. The implementation is done by using PSS®E in PythonTM environment, and validated by using WSCC-9 Bus System.
57th International Universities Power Engineering Conference: Big Data and Smart Grids, UPEC 2022


Modeling and investigation of fault ride through capability of variable speed wind turbines
Koç, Erkan; Güven, Ali Nezih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
Technological improvements on wind energy systems with governmental supports have increased the penetration level of wind power into the grid in recent years. The high level of penetration forces the wind turbines stay connected to the grid during the disturbances in order to enhance system stability. Moreover, power system operators must revise their grid codes in parallel with these developments. This work is devoted to the modeling of variable speed wind turbines and the investigation of fault ride troug...
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LCL-Filter Design for Low-Voltage High-Power Grid-Tied Voltage-Source Converter Considering Various Damping Methods
Kantar, Emre; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2016-06-30)
The limited switching frequency, size and weight concerns, and the stringent limits for the injected grid current harmonics challenge the implementation of LCL grid filters for low-voltage multi-megawatt (multi-MW) renewable energy converters. Traditional design procedures of such filters employed in low power and high switching frequency converters may not hold for a multi-MW filter interfacing a low-voltage converter switching at low frequency to the electric grid. This paper proposes an LCL-filter design...
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