Moving Toward a Campus Wide Culture of Teaching Learning and Assessment A Multi Dimensional Task

Stevens, Dannelle D
Wıllıam, Fısher
Latıolaıs, Paul
Ramette, Cheryl
Emil, Serap


Moving between theory and practice: preparing early childhood pre-service teachers for teaching physical education
Sevimli Çelik, Serap (Informa UK Limited, 2020-03-02)
The early years of a child's life are critical in supporting their physical development. As a result, early childhood teachers have a profound responsibility and influence on the development of young children's physical skills. However, up to this point, little attention has been placed on the development of early childhood teachers' pedagogical skills for teaching physical education, and in particular, the dearth of training has most often occurred during pre-service teacher education. Therefore, the purpo...
Exploring Interculturality in the Language Classroom through Literature
Elmas, Tugay (2019-10-11)
Moving Beyond the Technicist Framework in English Language Teacher Education
Tezgiden Cakcak, Sebahat Yasemin (null; 2016-05-14)
Changing Views of Nature through a (His)toryof Bioplastics
Tönük Kruıthof, Damla (null; 2017-06-08)
Transformation of Centralized Curriculum into Classroom Practice An Analysis of Teachers Experiences
Kaya, Ebru; Çetin, Pınar Seda; Yıldırım, Ali (2012-01-01)
The main purpose of this study is to investigate how teachers transform the centralized curriculum into classroom practice. This study is designed within a phenomenological framework. Specifically, the experiences of seven high school chemistry teachers from three different high schools in Turkey during the implementation of nation-wide curriculum into classroom practice were studied through a qualitative in-depth interview. These teachers were selected based on maximum variation sampling method. A semi-str...
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D. D. Stevens, F. Wıllıam, P. Latıolaıs, C. Ramette, and S. Emil, “Moving Toward a Campus Wide Culture of Teaching Learning and Assessment A Multi Dimensional Task,” 2008, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: