Illumination and voltage effects on the forward and reverse bias current-voltage (I-V) characteristics in In/In2S3/p-Si photodiodes

Yukselturk, Esra
Surucu, Ozge
Terlemezoglu, Makbule
Parlak, Mehmet
The illumination and voltage effects on the I-V measurements of the fabricated In/In2S3/p-Si photodiode were investigated in dark and under various illumination intensities (20-100 mW/cm(2)) between +/- 2 V. Two linear regions in the forward-bias ln(I)-V plots were observed. The value of diode ideality factor (n) had an increasing trend with increasing illumination intensity while the barrier height (phi(Bo)) had a decreasing trend due to the increase of photocurrent. The photodiode properties were also investigated, and the value of linear-dynamic value range (LDR) was found to be 20.56 dB. The photoresponse (I-ph/I-dark), the photoresponsivity (R), and specific detectivity (D*) of the photodiode were calculated as a function of the illumination. The open-circuit voltage (V-oc) and short-current (I-sc) were found to be 0.36 V and 2.87 mA under 100 illumination intensity, respectively. The possible conduction mechanisms (CMs) were investigated using the forward ln(I)-V and reverse ln(I)-V-0.5 plots. The energy-dependent surface states (N-ss) profile was extracted from the positive I-V data by considering voltage-dependent barrier height (BH) and ideality factor (n) in dark and illumination at 100 mW/cm(2).


Infrared and Raman scattering spectra of layered structured Ga3InSe4 crystals
IŞIK, MEHMET; Hasanlı, Nızamı; KORKMAZ ÖZKAN, FİLİZ (2013-03-01)
The infrared reflectivity and transmittance and Raman scattering in Ga3InSe4 layered crystals were investigated in the frequency ranges of 100-400, 400-4000 and 25-500 cm(-1). The refractive and absorption indices, the frequencies of transverse and longitudinal optical modes, high- and low-frequency dielectric constants were obtained from the analysis of the IR reflectivity spectra. The bands observed in IR transmittance spectra were interpreted in terms of two-phonon absorption processes.
Optical properties of TlGaSeS layered single crystals
Güler, Işıkhan; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2007-12-01)
The optical properties of TlGaSeS layered single crystals have been investigated by measuring the transmissions and the reflections in the wavelength region between 400 and 1100 nm. The optical indirect transitions with a band gap energy of 2.27 eV and direct transitions with a band gap energy of 2.58 eV were found by means of the analysis of the absorption data at the room temperature. The rate of change of the indirect band gap with temperature, that is, gamma = -3.2 x 10(-4) eV/K, was determined from the...
Space-charge-limited currents and photoconductive properties of Tl2InGaSe4 layered crystals
QASRAWI, ATEF FAYEZ HASAN; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
The extrinsic electronic parameters of Tl2InGaSe4 layered crystals were investigated through measurement of the temperature-dependent dark conductivity, space-charge-limited currents and photoconductivity. Analysis of the dark conductivity reveals the existence of two extrinsic energy levels at 0.40 and 0.51 eV below the conduction band edge, which are dominant above and below 260 K, respectively. Current-voltage characteristics show that the one at 0.51 eV is a trapping energy level with a concentration of...
Pulsed optically stimulated luminescence from α-Al2O3:C using green light emitting diodes
Bulur, Enver (1997-01-01)
Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) from alpha-Al2O3:C was investigated using green light emitting diodes (LED) for excitation. Time resolved luminescence characteristics of the samples were studied by pulsing the LEDs during the readout. The effects of excitation light intensity, pulse width and readout temperature on the OSL signal were investigated. The radiation dose response of the dosimeters with above mentioned parameters was also evaluated for the applicability to radiation dosimetry.
Metal mesh filters based on Ti, ITO and Cu thin films for terahertz waves
Demirhan, Y.; Alaboz, H.; ÖZYÜZER, LÜTFİ; Nebioglu, M. A.; Takan, T.; Altan, Hakan; Sabah, C. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2016-02-01)
In this study, we have investigated the spectral performance of resonant terahertz (THz) bandpass filters which were produced from thin films with a metal-mesh shape. The aforementioned filters were fabricated from titanium, copper and indium tin oxide thin films on fused silica substrates by UV lithography with an array of cross-shaped apertures. Since the mesh period, cross-arm length and its width specify the spectral characteristics of the filters, we were able to reveal the performance of these filters...
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E. Yukselturk, O. Surucu, M. Terlemezoglu, M. Parlak, and Ş. ALTINDAL, “Illumination and voltage effects on the forward and reverse bias current-voltage (I-V) characteristics in In/In2S3/p-Si photodiodes,” JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS, pp. 21825–21836, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: