The Pottery of Late Achaemenid Sagalassos: an overview

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The Pottery of Late Achaemenid Sagalassos: An Overview
Daems, Drıes (2017-05-01)
The Hellenistic pottery of Sagalassos: An update on typology, production and distribution
Daems, Drıes (2021-06-20)
The classicalperiod houses in Burgaz : an archaeological and architectural overview
Gökdemir, Özgür; Tuna, Numan; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2006)
The aim of this study is to present the architectural and organizational characteristics of Burgaz houses by taking into consideration a number of internal and external factors such as economical, social and environmental that influenced the house plan and its utilization in 4th century BC. To discuss the place of Burgaz house within the ancient Greek domestic context, the architectural, structural, and functional characteristics of houses are investigated and compared to contemporary examples, such as Olyn...
The Roman nymphaea in the cities of Asia Minor: function in context
Uğurlu, Nur Banu; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2004)
The thesis concentrates on the interaction between man and his settlement within the context of the Roman city in Asia Minor during the imperial period. The analysis is carried out by examining the role of the nymphaea within the context of urban architecture. First of all, an insight of the Roman city and its armatures is given in order to define the Roman urban context. Within this context, the nymphaea are treated as landmarks for mentally mapping the city and as urban furniture in a properly functioning...
The Late Bronze Age animal mobility and herding strategies: A geometric morphometric study of Ovis aries and Capra hircus remains from Hittite period Šapinuwa (Ortaköy/Turkey)
Özger, Gonca; Pişkin, Evangelia; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2021-10)
Throughout the Late Bronze Age period, pastoralism remained crucial for the social and economic system of the Hittite states (Beckman, 1988; Schachner, 2012; Yakar, 2000). The faunal analysis of different Hittite sites indicates a well-developed animal husbandry and a good knowledge of breeding practices which is also mentioned in Hittite archives. In tandem with this information, this thesis aims to explore the animal husbandry management, animal mobility and breeding practices during the Hittite Late Bron...
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