A Framework to Assess Post-Intervention Sustainability of Urban Heritage Places

Özçakır, Özgün
Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz
Mıgnosa, Anna
LDE Heritage Conference on Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals


A Framework for qualitative assessment of domain specific languages
Kahraman, Gökhan; Bilgen, Semih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2013)
Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) have been proposed in the literature with the aim of providing a wide range of advantages such as better productivity and quality for stakeholders involved with many aspects of software development. The objective of this study consists of supporting the improvement of DSL maturity by providing an A Framework for Qualitative Assessment of DSLs(FQAD). A formal approach is proposed for the assessment of DSLs. Metrics for DSL success measurement and the parameters that affect th...
A framework for qualitative assessment of domain-specific languages
Kahraman, Gokhan; Bilgen, Semih (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-10-01)
Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are used for improving many facets of software development, but whether and to what extent this aim is achieved is an important issue that must be addressed. This paper presents a proposal for a Framework for Qualitative Assessment of DSLs (FQAD). FQAD is used for determining the perspective of the evaluator, understanding the goal of the assessment and selecting fundamental DSL quality characteristics to guide the evaluator in the process. This framework adapts and integrat...
A Strategic Performance Measurement Framework for the Construction Industry
Işık, Zeynep; Arditi, David; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Dikmen Toker, İrem (null; 2010-09-03)
A system-dynamics approach to assess the factors which influence the quality of primary education in developing countries
Weber, G.w; Sekhar, P.c.; Akar, Hanife; Ozdamar, L.; Mawengkang, H. (2018-06-08)
A conceptual performance measurement framework for construction industry
Işık, Zeynep; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
The performance assessment done by objective measures have now been replaced with subjective measures. Within the context of this research; interdependencies between a construction company’s “resources and capabilities”, “project management capabilities”, “strategic decisions”, “strength of relationships with other parties” and “external factors” with “project performance” and “company performance” were investigated from a resource based perspective which put forward intangible assets of the company. To ach...
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Ö. Özçakır, A. G. Bilgin Altınöz, and A. Mıgnosa, “A Framework to Assess Post-Intervention Sustainability of Urban Heritage Places,” presented at the LDE Heritage Conference on Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals, Rotterdam, Hollanda, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/93313.