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Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (27)
Tanyer, Ali Murat (27)
Gürsel Dino, İpek (23)
Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe (17)

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Recent Submissions

On Flow-Relational Urban Morphologies
Güneri Söğüt, Gizem Deniz; Baş Bütüner, Funda (2021-07-02)
The Place of Women’s Filmmaking in an Interdisciplinary Architecture Curriculum
Pinar, Ekin (2021-04-16)
Sarıca, Sezin (2021-04-08)
Sarıca, Sezin (2021-04-08)
Being a part of an architectural whole, an architectural fragment has various potentials; one is directly related to its intrinsic spatial value due to its original scalar properties. The other is its displacement, which...
Knowledge Capturing in Design Briefing Process for Requirement Elicitation and Validation
Çalışkan, Ekrem Bahadır; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
An Investigation on Benefit-Cost Analysis of Greenhouse Structures in Antalya
SARI, RAMAZAN; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
Utilisation of Decision Support Systems in Construction Management: A Literature Survey
GÜNAY, GÖKSU; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
Potential of Biosensors as Indicators of Safe Behavior in Construction Sites
ÖZEL, BEKİR ENES; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
Towards Using Human-Computer Interaction Research for Advancing Intelligent Built Environments: A Review
Topak, Fatih; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
For many years, primitive building components that are almost entirely transparent with their simple logic and physical interfaces (i.e., light switches, operable windows) provided occupants sophisticated opportunities to ...
Printing (and) Architecture: A Technopoietic System for Making
Uz Baki, Pınar; Basa, İnci (2020-10-24)
Sayısal Tasarım Araçlarının Kışı mı Geliyor?
Sorguç, Arzu; Yetkin, Ozan; Kruşa Yemişcioğlu, Müge (2020-10-24)
Dijital medyanın çekiciliği ve artan kullanımı ile hesaplama ve bilgi teknolojilerinin kullanılabilirliği, tasarım sürecini ve yapım eylemini değiştirmektedir. CAD ve CAM mimari tasarımın erken aşamalarından başlayarak, mi...
The Cybernetic relevance of architecture: an essay on Gordon Pask's evolving discourse on architecture
Temizel, Ensar (null; 2020-09-16)
Gordon Pask, as one of the leading figures in the field of cybernetics, had an extensive impact on architecture through his lifelong connections with architectural circles in the UK and the USA from the early 1960s until h...
Transformation of Architectural Types: From Garden-House to Apartment Block, the Case of Güven Housing Cooperative in Ankara, Turkey
PARLAK TEMİZEL, NERİS; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ (2020-08-31)
The Italian school of typo-morphology reformulates the definition of architectural type in such a way that it refers to a set of quantitatively dominant buildings with common formal characteristics as a result of certain f...
An Exploratory Multi-Objective Retrofit Decision-Making Process
Akin, Şahin; Işeri, Orçun Koral; Erdogan, Bilge; Gürsel Dino, İpek (2020-08-18)
The retrofit processes for buildings necessitates long-term planning and costly operations and requires a collaborative approach where a high number of alternative solutions should be explored by stakeholders. However, the...
An Algorithm for Efficient Urban Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
Işeri, Orçun Koral; Gürsel Dino, İpek (null; 2020-05-23)
The urban population increases continuously since the industrial revolution, and the residential buildings have the primary responsibility for the total energy demand. There is a need for the analysis of the residential bu...
Vision-based lighting state detection and curtain openness ratio prediction
Kalfaoğlu, Esat; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Işeri, Orçun Koral; Akın, Şahin; Sarı, Alp Eren; Erdoğan, Bilge; Kalkan, Sinan; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (null; 2020-05-23)
In non-residential buildings, space lighting accounts for 17 % of the total energy consumption. Effective use of daylighting has great potential to reduce lighting energy use in buildings. The amount of daylighting through...
Problems of Planning Recreational Green Areas at the National, Regional and Local Scale
Topçuoğlu, Feyza (null; 2020-03-06)
Rölyef-mekanlar: Sergi Ortamlarında Yer değiştirmeler
Sarıca, Sezin (2019-12-18)
From Complexity to Sustainability": Proposing a Holistic Management Approach for Sustainable Development of Complex Multi-Layered Cultural Landscapes: The Case of Gölyazı (Apolyont) -Bursa / Turkey”
Okumuş, Gökhan; Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz (null; 2019-11-26)
Multi-layered cultural landscapes are the products of the reciprocal interaction between nature, people and culture, which are dynamically shaped with political, economic, legal and administrative forces through a continua...
Early Stage Retrofit Stakeholder Engagement: Enhancing Higher Education Project Success
Gooding, Luke; Erdogan, Bilge; Gürsel Dino, İpek (null; 2019-11-21)
In the case of higher education facilities, many institutions strive to ensure that facilities are high quality, and portray an image of sustainability and global responsibility. Furthermore, to enable high quality researc...
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