Tokat-Komana Kazısı Buluntularından Cam Boncukların Biçimsel ve Yapısal Özellikleri

Bakırer, Ömür
Erciyas, Deniz Burcu
Caner Saltık, Emine
Yücel, Nurdan
V. ODTÜ Arkeometri Çalıştayı Türkiye Arkeolojisinde Takı ve Boncuk: Arkeolojik ve Arkeometrik Çalışmalar


Shape and size of microfine aggregates: X-ray microcomputed tomography vs. laser diffraction
Erdoğan, Sinan Turhan; Fowler, D. W. (2007-08-15)
Microfine rock aggregates, formed naturally or in a crushing process, pass a #200 ASTM sieve, so have at least two orthogonal principal dimensions less than 75 mu m, the sieve opening size. In this paper, for the first time, we capture true 3-D shape and size data of several different types of microfine aggregates, using X-ray microcomputed tomography (mu CT) with a voxel size of 2 mu m. This information is used to generate shape analyses of various kinds. Particle size distributions are also generated from...
Shape and deposition angle control of silver film-over-nanosphere SERS substrates
Seyedpour Esmaeilzad, Nasim; Demirtas, Ozge; Demir, Ahmet Kemal; Bek, Alpan (2021-12-01)
Thin metallic films on dielectric nanospheres are demonstrated to have a high potential for the fabrication of cost-effective SERS substrates. In addition to the morphological advantages that nanospheres offer for attaining a high density of hot spots, possessing shape adjustability by uncomplicated thermal treatment makes them an attractive platform for tuneable SERS substrates. Furthermore, when combined with the oblique angle metal deposition technique, adjustable gaps at a high density and adjustable sh...
TEZER, CEM (Oxford University Press (OUP), 1989)
Shape Optimizations of Metallic Sheets Using a Multigrid Approach
Altinoklu, Askin; Karaova, Gokhan; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2017-09-27)
We present a novel multigrid approach for the shape optimizations of corrugated metallic sheets by using genetic algorithms (GAs) and the multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA). The overall mechanism is obtained by an efficient integration of GAs and MLFMA, while the optimizations are improved by applying multiple grids at different layers. We show that the multigrid approach provides more effective optimizations than the conventional no-grid optimizations that employ the discretization nodes directly....
Shape Optimizations of Metallic Sheets for Improved Near-Zone Scattering, Reflection, and Focusing Characteristics
Altinoklu, Askin; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2017-10-12)
We consider full-wave analysis and optimizations of metallic sheets to obtain desired electromagnetic responses in the near-zone field intensity and power density distributions. Given a metallic sheet of finite size, deformations are applied to achieve diverse scattering and reflection characteristics, particularly focusing and collecting electromagnetic power at different locations. Optimizations are performed by employing genetic algorithms in a multigrid scheme on the discretized geometry, while each tri...
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Ö. Bakırer, D. B. Erciyas, E. Caner Saltık, and N. Yücel, “Tokat-Komana Kazısı Buluntularından Cam Boncukların Biçimsel ve Yapısal Özellikleri,” presented at the V. ODTÜ Arkeometri Çalıştayı Türkiye Arkeolojisinde Takı ve Boncuk: Arkeolojik ve Arkeometrik Çalışmalar, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: