Subjectivity and objectivity in Turkish causal connectives? Results from a first corpus study on çünkü and için

Çokal, Derya
Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz
Sanders , Ted


Subjectivity in participant and researcher generated data in qualitative research
Dışbudak Kuru, Özge; Toker, Habibe; Özdoğan, Zülfükar; Sevinç, Şerife (2020-01-17)
Subjectivity formation of working class women and respectability : a case study on women sales workers in Ankara
Tatar, Mehtap; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2014)
The main aim of this thesis is to examine the role of class and gender in the subjectivity formation of working class women. Women from different classes encounter each other in situations such as customers and sales workers in the shopping environment. Examining this encounter in detail can assist in achieving the main of this study. Therefore, during the in-depth interviews with women sales workers that were conducted, it was seen that many of the women sales workers experience class and gender inequaliti...
Reflexivity and approximate reflexivity for bounded Boolean algebras of projections
Hadwin, Don; Orhon, Mehmet (Elsevier BV, 1989-12)
Let K be a compact Hausdorff space. It is proven that any bounded unital representation m of C(K) on a Banach space X has the property that the closure of m(C(K)) in the weak operator topology is a reflexive operator algebra. As a consequence, it is shown that if is an arbitrary bounded Boolean algebra of bounded projections on a Banach space X, then AlgLat() is the weak operator topology closure of the linear span of . These generalize the work of several authors. As a corollary, an alternate proof of a t...
Reflexivity analysis of cryptocurrencies with a time-varying semi-parametric Hawkesprocess
Atak Atalık, Alev (2021-06-26)
The self-excitability and price clustering properties of the cryptocurrency market are studied to investigate the main sources of volatility, in particular, the reflexivity or the endogeneity issues. We apply our kernel estimation of the spectrum localized both in time and frequency to data sets of transaction times, revealing pertinent features in the data that had not been made visible by classical non-localized approaches based on models with constant fertility functions over time. We apply the empirical...
Contextual and pragmatic functions of modal epistemic hedges in argumentative paragraphs in Turkish
Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Algı, Sedef (Peter Lang, 2017-01-01)
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D. Çokal, D. Zeyrek Bozşahin, and T. Sanders, Subjectivity and objectivity in Turkish causal connectives? Results from a first corpus study on çünkü and için. 2020.