Anyon algılayıcı süpramoleküler sistemlerin tasarım, sentez ve karakterizasyonu

Akkaya, Engin U.
Şaki, Neslihan
Coşkun, Ali


Propagation of ionizing short laser pulses in a nonlinear optical medium
Deveci, Atalay; Yedierler, Burak; Department of Physics (2021-2-15)
Using a pseudo-spectral method that is split step Fourier method, obtaining a solutionfor propagation of ionizing short Gaussian pulse would be computationally inexpen-sive and practical. For a solution obtained by using split step Fourier method, themost important parameter to choose is step size. However, using either large or smallstep size may yield different numerical errors in the final result. For a large step size,general evolution of the Gaussian pulse could be predicted well but small changesmigh...
Investigation of redox-dependent benthic nutrient and metal feedbacks under anoxia using early diagenetic modeling
Biçe, Kadir; Yücel, Mustafa; Yılmaz, Ayşen; Department of Earth System Science (2018)
Loss of oxygen in marine systems is a major management challenge that requires an integrated combination of watershed, water column and seafloor benthic (sediment) biogeochemical models. This challenge has not been successfully confronted yet. One of the primary reasons is the lack of understanding on the complex biogeochemical consequences of redox processes ocurring under anoxia. This thesis focuses on uncovering the complex effects of hypoxia/anoxia on sediment biogeochemistry and its feedbacks to the wa...
Separation of arsenite and arsenate species from water by charged ultrafiltration membranes
Sezdi, Ayşegül; Özbelge, Ayşe Tülay; Department of Chemical Engineering (2012)
Arsenic is found in drinking waters in many countries and since maximum allowable concentration is as low as 10 µg/L, there are many research efforts to separate it from water. Membrane methods are used more and more widely in separation operations in recent years. Arsenic is mainly present in water as arsenite [As(III)] and arsenate [As(V)]. As pH of water changes, molecular formulas of As(III) and As(V) change. In this study, the performance of different ultrafiltration membranes for arsenic removal from ...
Kinetics of methyl lactate formation over the ion exchange resin catalysts
Özen, Serap Akbelen; Karakaş, Gürkan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2004)
The recovery of lactic acid from its dilute aqueous solutions is a major problem. The ester of lactic acid, namely, methyl lactate has a wide range of applications. The esterification of an aqueous solution of lactic acid with methanol is a reversible reaction. As excess of amount water is present in the reaction mixture, the conversion is greatly restricted by the chemical reaction equilibrium limitations. In this study the esterification kinetics of lactic acid with methanol both in the absence and presen...
Traffic volume prediction using LSTM improved with rules obtained from anomalies
Gültekin, Yasin Berk; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Şener, Cevat; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-9)
Traffic volume forecasting is crucial in order to create a successful smart transportation system. The precision and timeliness of the traffic flow data are critical to the forecast's effectiveness. The lack of data has led to the usage of shallow architectures in traffic forecasting models or the creation of models based on fabricated measurement data. These models did not have a high level of success in predicting outcomes. In the world of big data, the variety and scale of the acquired traffic data has i...
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