EXOPINCH - a robotic mirror therapy system for hand rehabilitation

Golmohammadzadeh, Hassan
Turgut, Ali Emre
11th Fens Forum of Neuroscience


Endo-VMFuseNet: A Deep Visual-Magnetic Sensor Fusion Approach for Endoscopic Capsule Robots
Turan, Mehmet; Almalioglu, Yasin; Gilbert, Hunter B.; Sari, Alp Eren; Soylu, Ufuk; Sitti, Metin (2018-05-25)
In the last decade, researchers and medical device companies have made major advances towards transforming passive capsule endoscopes into active medical robots. One of the major challenges is to endow capsule robots with accurate perception of the environment inside the human body, which will provide necessary information and enable improved medical procedures. We extend the success of deep learning approaches from various research fields to the problem of sensor fusion for endoscopic capsule robots in the...
Exergames Encouraging Exploration of Hemineglected Space in Stroke Patients With Visuospatial Neglect: A Feasibility Study
TOBLER-AMMANN, Bernadette C.; Sürer, Elif; DE BRUIN, Eling D.; RABUFFETTI, Marco; BORGHESE, Alberto; MAINETTI, Renato; PIROVANO, Michele; WITTWER, Lia; KNOLS, Ruud H. (2017-07-01)
Background: Use of exergames can complement conventional therapy and increase the amount and intensity of visuospatial neglect (VSN) training. A series of 9 exergames-games based on therapeutic principles-aimed at improving exploration of the neglected space for patients with VSN symptoms poststroke was developed and tested for its feasibility.
Exergaming and rehabilitation: A methodology for the design of effective and safe therapeutic exergames
PIROVANO, Michele; Sürer, Elif; MAINETTI, Renato; LANZİ, Pier Luca; BORGHESE, N. Alberto (2016-05-01)
We present here a comprehensive definition of therapeutic exergames from which a methodology to create safe exergames for real therapy pathways is derived. Three main steps are identified. (I) A clear identification of all the exercise requirements, not only in terms of goals of the therapy, but also in terms of additional constraints. Characteristic parameters for determining the challenge level and to assess progression are also defined in this phase. (II) The exercise is transformed into a Virtual Exerci...
Opto-thermoelectric nanotweezers
LIN, Linhan; WANG, Mingsong; PENG, Xiaolei; LISSEK, Emanuel N.; MAO, Zhangming; SCARABELLI, Leonardo; ADKINS, Emily; Coskun, Sahin; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; KORGEL, Brian A.; LIZ-MARZAN, Luis M.; FLORIN, Ernst-Ludwig; ZHENG, Yuebing (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-04-01)
Optical manipulation of plasmonic nanoparticles provides opportunities for fundamental and technical innovation in nanophotonics. Optical heating arising from the photon-to-phonon conversion is considered as an intrinsic loss in metal nanoparticles, which limits their applications. We show here that this drawback can be turned into an advantage, by developing an extremely low-power optical tweezing technique, termed opto-thermoelectric nanotweezers. By optically heating a thermoplasmonic substrate, a light-...
Exosomes co-encapsulating antigen and immunoadjuvants act as an effective therapeutic cancer vaccine
Yildirim, Muzaffer; Yildirim, Tugce Canavar; Gucluler, Gozde; Bayyurt Kocabaş, Banu; Kahraman, Tamer; Evcili, Irem; Kaya, G. Gokberk; Bozbeyoglu, Naz; Yagci, Fuat Cem; Gursel, Ihsan (2021-08-01)
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K. B. ARIKAN, H. Golmohammadzadeh, B. CENGİZ, A. E. Turgut, M. ZİNNUROĞLU, and Z. GÜNENDİ, “EXOPINCH - a robotic mirror therapy system for hand rehabilitation,” presented at the 11th Fens Forum of Neuroscience, Berlin, Almanya, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/96577.