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ODTÜ Kuzey Kıbrıs Kampusu'nde Bir Güneş Fotovoltaik Santralinin P50/P90 Ampirik Yöntemle Analizi
Gören, Deniz; Taylan, Onur (2022-04-20)
Large investments in renewable energy systems have some financial risks, and energy exceedance probabilities are required to find the expected range of energy yield values. In this study, P50/P90 analysis was done for a 1 ...
Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Kuzey Kıbrıs Kampusu'nde Yerinde Güneş Radyasyonu Verilerinin Kalite Değerlendirmesi ve Küresel Eğik Işınlama Tahmini
Gören, Deniz; Taylan, Onur (2022-04-20)
Financial institutions require bankable datasets to guarantee investments in large-scale solar energy projects, reducing the overall uncertainty of energy yield estimates. Long-term satellite-based data is mostly available...
A Sustainable Association Case Study: IFToMM Member Organization Turkey
Kiper, Gokhan; Söylemez, Eres (2022-01-01)
As a member of IFToMM founded in 2011, Turkish Machine Theory Association's (MakTeD) structure has put special emphasis on sustainability of the association and initiated several activities for improving the quality of edu...
An Automated Modeling And Meshing Tool For Helicopter Rotor Design
Uzun, Halit Eldem; Yutük, Kaan; Baran, Özgür Uğraş; Madayen, Ali (2021-12-29)
The Influence of the Computational Mesh on the Prediction of Vortex Interactions about a Generic Missile Airframe
Dikbaş, Erdem; Schnepf, Christian; Tormalm, Magnus; Anderson, Michael; Shaw, Scott; DeSpirito, James; Loupy, Gaetan; Barakos, George; Boychev, Kiril; Toomer, Chris; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-12-29)
Nonlinear Vibrations of Rotor-Bearing Systems Supported by Squeeze Film Dampers Due to Unbalance Excitation
Sevencan, Furkan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-11-01)
In this paper, nonlinear dynamic behaviors of a multi-mass flexible rotor-bearing system supported by short length Squeeze Film Damper (SFD) due to the unbalance excitation are presented. The rotordynamic model of the syst...
Influence of a flexible vortex generator on hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of a pin-fin array
Baghaei Oskouei, Seyedmohsen; Bayer, Özgür (2021-09-21)
The Effect of Loss Functions on the Deep Learning Modeling for the Flow Field Predictions Around Airfoils
Doğan, Ali; Duru, Cihat; Alemdar, Hande; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-09-10)
CNNFOIL is a CNN-based machine learning tool that solves flow around the airfoil with a machine learning methodology. CNNFOIL, which is being developed by our research group, can predict flowfield around airfoils from diff...
Implementation and verification of k-kl turbulence model
Dikbaş, Erdem; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-09-08)
In this study, we present the first results of a new turbulence model implementation in our compressible finite volume CFD solver. The k − kL turbulence model is based on the ideas of Rotta’s two-equation model. Various re...
A helicopter rotor modelling and meshing system
Uzun, Halit Eldem; Yutük, Kaan; Baran, Özgür Uğraş; AKSEL, MEHMET HALUK (2021-09-08)
Helicopter rotors in flight constitute a fairly complex wing geometry and exhibit motion in several axes. As a result, rotor motion creates quite complex flow patterns, and unlike fixed wings, flow around each rotor blade ...
Development of linearized euler solvers on frequency domain for oscillating airfoils
Ardıç, Ata Tankut; Saygın, Aras; Baran, Özgür Uğraş; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2021-09-08)
金属有機構造体への水の吸 着・脱離を利用した熱電デバイ スの大気側の自然冷却メカニズ ムの調査
Sugamoto, Yuto; Kito, Sohei; Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Harish, Sivasankaran; Lee, Yaerim; Shiomi, Junichiro (2021-08-25)
상변 화 열 전 달 현 상 의 향 상 을 위 한 계 면 현 상 가 시 화
Oh, Junho; Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Sett, Soumyadip (2021-08-19)
CHT Modeling of an Electronics Cabinet Using Multi-scale Meshing
Tarı, İlker (2021-08-15)
Solar Hybridization Paths for Cement Production Processes
Tarı, İlker (2021-08-15)
Dryout Performance Assessment Of Grooved Heat Pipes Using A 3-D Computational Model
Gökçe, Gökay; Çetin, Barbaros; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2021-07-25)
Multi-dimensional modeling of heat pipes is a complex task, requiring mathematical models to simultaneously address numerous physical phenomena including evaporation, condensation and free surface flow. Although several st...
Rapid Low-Cost Prototyping of Organ-on-Chip Platforms by 3D-Printed Microfluidics
Dedekargınoğlu, Barış; Akalın, Ali Aykut; Özçelikkale, Altuğ (2021-07-02)
Novel solar dryer for olive mill wastewater
Erdoğan, Selin; Tarı, İlker (2021-05-28)
After the third stage of the olive oil extraction process, Olive mills produce environmentally hazardous wastewater called blackwater. Due to residual oils accumulating at the top layer, the water content cannot evaporate ...
Modeling the Evaporation of Drying Sessile Droplets with Buoyancy Driven Internal Convection
Akdağ, Osman; Akkuş, Yigit ; Çetin, Barbaros ; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2021-05-18)
Droplet evaporation is a fundamental phenomenon encountered in diverse applications such as inkjet printing, DNA mapping, film coating, and electronics cooling. Modeling the evaporation process of a sessile droplet is comp...
Experimental validation of the heat pipe evaluation software “Heat Pipe Analysis Toolbox (H-PAT)”
Saygan, Samet; Akkuş, Yigit; Çetin, Barbaros; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2021-05-18)
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