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Recent Submissions

Heliostat Optimization of a Solar Tower for Industrial Process Heat
Güner, Levent; Taylan, Onur; Günay, Ahmet Alperen (2023-09-08)
Radiative Cooling in Greenhouses Through Spectrally Selective Cover Materials
Bulut, Mertcan; Taylan, Onur; Günay, Ahmet Alperen (2023-09-08)
Coupled thermo-viscoplastic fracture model for ductile-brittle failure of amorphous glassy polymers with phase-field approach
Dal, Hüsnü (2023-05-31)
Amorphous glassy polymers have an extensive use in the industrial sectors including micro-electronics, medical industry and aerospace, therefore their design and usage have become a significant task nowadays. The fracture ...
Dispersion-type Anisotropic Viscoelasticity: Model Validation for Myocardium
Dal, Hüsnü; Açan, Alp Kağan; Altun, Cem (2023-05-29)
This contribution presents a novel constitutive model for rate-dependent response of the passive myocardium. As a first step, we performed a comparative study on dispersion-type anisotropic hyperelastic constitutive models...
Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Mesh Deformation with Exact Boundary Enforcement
Aygün, Atakan; Karakuş, Ali (2023-03-03)
In this work, we have applied physics-informed neural networks (PINN) for solving mesh deformation problems. We used the collocation PINN method to capture the new positions of the vertex nodes while preserving the connect...
A Local Discontinuous Galerkin Level Set Reinitialization with Subcell Stabilization on Tetrahedral Meshes
Karakuş, Ali (2023-03-03)
Mathematical problems of black-box computational technologies for continuum mechanics
Martynenko, Sergey; Zhou, Weixing; Gökalp, İskender; Toktaliev, Pavel; Tarasov, Georgy; Rumiantsev, Egor (2023-02-16)
This paper discusses possible ways of computational technology development for segregated/coupled solving the systems of nonlinear partial differential equations in black-box software. These systems describe physical and c...
Bypassing the Repeatability Issue in Nonlinear Experimental Modal Analysis of Jointed Structures by using the RCT-HFS Framework
Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat; Gürbüz, M. Fatih; Karaağaçlı, Taylan (2023-2-13)
Mechanical joints, which are indispensable for almost all mechanical systems, are often an important source of nonlinearity due to frictional, backlash and/or preload effects. Recent studies have shown that the contact pr...
The TRChallenge – Experimental quantification of nonlinear modal parameters and confrontation with the predictions
Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat; Bhattu, Arati; Jamia, Nidhal; Hermann, Svenja; Muller, Florian; Scheel, Maren; Schwingshackl, Christoph; Krack, Malte (2023-2-13)
In recent years, the prediction of the behavior of structures with high-level nonlinearities has been a challenging area of research. In 2021, the Tribomechadynamics Research Challenge was proposed to evaluate the current ...
An Assessment on the Efficiency of Different Reduction Techniques Based on Substructuring for Bladed Disk Systems with Shrouds
Naghizadeh, Ehsan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2023-01-01)
Vibration analysis of shrouded bladed disk systems often becomes expensive due to friction nonlinearities and randomness stemming from mistuning phenomena. This implies a great demand for a highly efficient model order red...
Use of Auxetic Infill Structures for the Compensation of Shrinkage in Fused Filament Fabrication Process
Uncu, Rahman; Bacikoglu, Mehmet Canberk; Caliskan, Burak; Yaman, Ulaş (2023-01-01)
The polymer parts fabricated by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process deteriorated noticeably in terms of dimensional accuracy due to the thermal processes during the fabrication and cooling phases. Commonly, researcher...
Determination of Nonlinear Joint Forces and Nonlinear Identification of Jointed Connections Using FRFs
Soleimani, Hossein; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2023-01-01)
The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.Identification and modeling of joint dynamics is an important issue in the dynamic modeling of structures with joints. Moreover, structures connected...
Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Uniform and Functionally Graded Beams with Spectral Chebyshev Technique and Harmonic Balance Method
Dedekoy, Demir; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Bediz, Bekir (2023-01-01)
In this paper, nonlinear forced vibrations of uniform and functionally graded Euler-Bernoulli beams with large deformation are studied. Spectral and temporal boundary value problems of beam vibrations do not always have cl...
Determination of Flutter Speed of 2D Nonlinear Wing by Using Describing Function Method and State-Space Formulation
Kösterit, Güneş; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2023-01-01)
Flutter is a phenomenon that occurs in wings or platelike structures as a result of aerodynamical forces when a certain flow speed, i.e., flutter speed, is reached. Flutter results in severe vibrations which eventually lea...
Use of Fused Filament Fabrication and Stereolithography Methods for the Additive Manufacturing of Horn Antennas
Caliskan, Burak; Capraz, Kenan; Yaman, Ulaş (2023-01-01)
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly developing set of methods with lots of benefits. This technology promises fast, cheap and lightweight fabrication for the antennas and waveguides. Different AM technologies such as ...
Elliptic Micropillar Wick Evaporators for Thermal Management of High Flux Electronics
Yuncu, Goksel; Akkus, Yigit; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2023-01-01)
Advances in chip manufacturing technologies and ascending transistor numbers led to a drastic increase in the thermal loads of electronic components. Since increasing tem-peratures limits the performance and lifespan of el...
Development of a Blade Lifting Control Assist System for a Motor Grader
Öztürk, Ekin Cansu Özkan; Akpınarlı, Ufuk; Varol, İlhan; Ünlüsoy, Yavuz Samim; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2023-01-01)
Precise blade control is a central task when automating the operation of motor graders. This paper focuses on the parallel lifting movement using a combination of feedforward and feedback control for controlling the respec...
Atak, Eslem Enis; Elçioğlu, Elif Begüm; Özyurt, Tuba Okutucu (2023-01-01)
Photovoltaic (PV) applications require the cell to absorb photons with energies higher than its bandgap and minimize reflection for effective energy conversion. Silicon-based PV cells are usually textured with micro/nano s...
A Simulation Tool for Renewable Energy Supported Buildings
Kuru, Mustafa; Gökçül, Furkan; Ölmez, Burak Behlül; Eicker, Ursula; Baker, Derek Keıth; Güğül, Gül Nihal; Geçer, Kenan; Güleç, Seda (2023-01-01)
Many software have been developed to analyze buildings and renewable energy systems. Generally, more than one software is used for the visual interface, energy simulation, optimization, and modeling of renewable energy sys...
Derebaşı, Beste; Saygan, Samet; Çetin, Barbaros; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2023-01-01)
Flat grooved heat pipes (FGHP) are predominantly used in electronics cooling due to their ability to transfer high heat loads with small temperature differences and superior reliability. Modeling the underlying physics is ...
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