Synthesis of Cyano-Substituted Diaryltetracenes from Tetraaryl[3]cumulenes

Gawel, Przemyslaw
Dengiz, Çağatay
Finke, Aaron D.
Trapp, Nils
Boudon, Corinne
Gisselbrecht, Jean-Paul
Diederich, Francois


Synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes from ketoalkynes
Vatansever, Erol Can; Balcı, Metin; Department of Chemistry (2013)
Synthesis of thiophene containing compounds are of particular interest in synthetic organic chemistry. Besides the importance for synthetic organic chemistry, thiophene derivatives are used in applied research such as drug synthesis and study of functional materials. In this thesis, a new methodology for developing of 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes was developed. This methodology utilizes readily available compounds in a two-step synthesis to provide a facile access to the 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes. In the...
Synthesis of pyrroloquinoxalino-fused benzoxazepines and ester-containing iodopyridines
Yazıcı, Nuray Esra; Zora, Metin; Department of Chemistry (2013)
Heterocyclic fused compounds have gained considerable attention for pharmaceutical applications since they show remarkable biological activities such as antitumor and/or anticancer activities. In particular, the synthesis of seven-membered ring embedded molecules is a challenging issue among organic chemists. Therefore, we have aimed to develop one-pot reaction for the synthesis of seven-membered-fused heterocyclic compounds. We have developed a new methodology for the synthesis of pyrrolo[2',1':3,4]quinoxa...
Synthesis of Cyano-Substituted Diaryltetracenes from Tetraaryl[3] cumulenes**
GAWEL, Przemyslaw; Dengiz, Çağatay; FINKE, Aaron D.; TRAPP, Nils; BOUDON, Corinne; GISSELBRECHT, Jean-Paul; DIEDERICH, Francois (2014-04-22)
A versatile, two-step synthesis of highly substituted, cyano-functionalized diaryltetracenes has been developed, starting from easily accessible tetraaryl[3]cumulenes. This unprecedented transformation is initiated by [2+2] cycloaddition of tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) to the proacetylenic central double bond of the cumulenes to give an intermediate zwitterion, which after an electrocyclization cascade and dehydrogenation yields 5,5,11,11-tetracyano-5,11-dihydrotetracenes in a one-pot procedure. A subsequent c...
Synthesis of new ferrocenyl-substituted aziridines via the Gabriel-Cromwell reaction
Doğan, Özdemir; BULUT, ADNAN (Informa UK Limited, 2005-01-01)
The Gabriel -Cromwell method is applied successfully in the synthesis of ferrocenyl-substituted aziridines. Acryloyl- and crotonoy1ferrocenes are brominated first and then reacted with benzylamine, diisopropylamine, and furfurylamine in the presence of triethylamine. The aziridines are obtained in more than 90% isolated yields.
Maharramov, A. M.; Akay, P.; Akhmedov, I. M.; Safarova, A. S.; Qurbanova, M. M.; Huseynov, E. Z.; Musayeva, S. A. (2019-01-01)
It is known that pyrrole and its derivatives are a part of many important natural compounds. Polymeric semiconductors also were obtained on the basis of 2,5-dithienyl-pyrrole electropolymerization and its derivatives. The work deals with the synthesis of 2,3-dithiophenyl-1H-pyrroles by the reaction of 2,2'-thionine with various enamines.
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