Development of a test system for viscoelastic material characterization

Erol, Fulya
Özgen, Gökhan Osman
Ardıç, Halil
Erdoğan, Bilgehan
Özkan, Sami Samet
The 16th International Conference on Machine Design and Production


Development of a test system for viscoelastic material characterization
Erol, Fulya; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
Viscoelastic materials are used extensively as a means of vibration control and isolation in many vibrating structures. For example, damping instruments utilizing viscoelastic materials such as surface damping treatments and vibration isolators fabricated of viscoelastic materials such as machinery mounts are widely used in automotive and aerospace industries for the purpose of vibration and noise control and isolation, respectively. Viscoelastic materials, as the name implies, behave in between a purely el...
Development of a fast analytical method for prediction of part dynamics in machining stability analysis
Alan, Salih; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2009)
The objective of this study is to develop and implement practical and accurate methods for prediction of the workpiece dynamics during a complete machining cycle of the workpiece, so that FRFs of the workpiece can be used in chatter stability analysis. For this purpose, a structural modification method is used since it is an efficient tool for updating FRFs due to structural modifications. The removed mass is considered as a structural modification to the finished workpiece in order to determine the FRFs at...
Development of an iterative method for liquid-propellant combustion chamber instability analysis
Cengiz, Kenan; Özyörük, Yusuf; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2010)
Controlling unsteady combustion induced gas flow fluctuations and the resultant motor vibrations is a very significant step in rocket motor design. It occurs when the unsteady heat release due to combustion happens to feed the acoustic oscillations of the closed duct forming a feed-back system. The resultant vibrations concerned may even lead to total failure of the rocket system unless analysed and tested thoroughly. This thesis aims developing a linear numerical analysis method for the growth rate of inst...
Development of measurement and calibration system for fiber optic gyro signals using a DSP
Dinçer, Erdim Ufuk; Ergül, Rüyal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2000)
Development of a structural design methodology for filament winding composite rocket motor case
Erturan, Yakup; Gürses, Ercan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2019)
Filament winding pressure vessels have a unique place in many areas such as space and ground applications for decades. Filament winding pressure vessels are used in products where weight is very critical. In such applications, composite winding pressure vessels have significant advantages over metal pressure vessels due to their high specific strength. In this study, it is aimed to design and analyze composite rocket motor cases produced by the filament winding method. Within the scope of the study, the dom...
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F. Erol, G. O. Özgen, H. Ardıç, B. Erdoğan, and S. S. Özkan, “Development of a test system for viscoelastic material characterization,” presented at the The 16th International Conference on Machine Design and Production, İzmir, Türkiye, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: