Bozdağ, Berna
In this thesis, it is asserted that form and content of Sarah Kane’s plays 4.48 Psychosis and Crave are complementary, reflecting the inner states of their characters, and that this complementarity manifests and is manifested by postdramatic elements. As evidence, and to analyze how the plays are constructed in this way, the plays are examined with reference to three essential Merleau-Pontian concepts, synesthesia, being-in-the-world, embodiment and with reference to postdramatic elements. The thesis shows the keen relationship between mind and the material world depicted in Kane’s work, and reveals how these elements alienate the audiences and readers of her plays. Each chapter analyzes character portrayal in one play, with the aim of showing how the experience of mental illness is depicted from the inside out. By analyzing 4.48 Psychosis and Crave in relation to the Merleau Pontian terms, the three-fold nature of Sarah Kane’s theatre of integration is revealed: intertextual integration that supposes a thematic similarity between the selected plays, on-stage integration of the audience through a shared experience of alienation, and integration of body and mind that has been depicted as fragmented and obscure in her plays. Thus, this thesis asserts that the postdramatic elements in these plays uncover the experience of perplexing mental states to reveal minds in confusion, pain or suffering from enduring violence, and it explains this through Merleau-Pontian concepts. It contributes to postdramatic studies by utilizing phenomenological terms to study stylistic elements in plays that disrupt theatrical conventions and create a rupture from conventional dramatic form, presenting an erosion of subjectivity.


Socio-Spatial Politics of Otherness: The Desire to Construct a Counterhegemony
Yoltay, Ece (2019-03-01)
This study is based on an empirical research to understand the production of nongovernmental spatial practices and representations with a counterformation to an authority, as well as an ontological discussion on the relations between public space and power. In this respect, the study is constructed on an alternative spatial reading of counterspaces (LGBTI-friendly spaces, political spaces, and resistance spaces) in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, benefiting from Henri Lefebvre’s theory on the production of s...
Examination of Computer Supported Collaborative Business Process Modeling with Activity Theory
FINDIK COŞKUNÇAY, DUYGU; Çakır, Murat Perit (2014-09-10)
Activity Theory provides a framework to examine and explain human-human and human-computer interactions. In this study, Activity Theory was used to examine both interactions in depth in the context of Computer Supported Collaborative Business Process Modeling (CSCBPM) in which geographically dispersed multiple users interact with each other and with the system. This framework enabled us to examine the activities of CSCBPM in detail and understand the process of CSCBPM. During the CSCBPM, some difficulties w...
Forward energy flow, central charged-particle multiplicities, and pseudorapidity gaps in W and Z boson events from pp collisions at root s=7 TeV
Chatrchyan, S.; et. al. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-01-01)
A study of forward energy flow and central charged-particle multiplicity in events with W and Z bosons decaying into leptons is presented. The analysis uses a sample of 7 TeV pp collisions, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 36 pb(-1), recorded by the CMS experiment at the LHC. The observed forward energy depositions, their correlations, and the central charged-particle multiplicities are not well described by the available non-diffractive soft-hadron production models. A study of about 300 events...
Husserl's conception of intentionality phenomenological analysis of noesis and noema
Gözetlik, Servet; İnam, Ahmet; Department of Philosophy (2003)
Husserl̕s phenomenology can be analyzed simply by relying on the conception of intentionality. What I want to do is to put forward the logical grounds on which I can construct an acceptable account of Husserl̕s theory of intentionality. For this aim, firstly, I need to put some light on the nature of intentional acts or experiences.This suggests us that there is a close connection between the acts and what they are directed towards. Actually many have specified the relation between the act and the object, b...
Scheme-based Alethic Realism: Agency, the environment, and truthmaking
Baç, Mutlu Murat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2004-05-01)
This paper presents a position called Scheme-based Alethic Realism, which reconciles a realist position on the nature of truth with a pluralistic Kantian perspective that allows for multiple "environments" in which truthmaking relationships are established. We argue that truthmaking functions are constrained by a stable phenomenal world and a stable cognitive architecture. This account takes truth as normatively distinct from epistemic justification while relativizing the truth conditions of our statements ...
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B. Bozdağ, “MERLEAU-PONTIAN CONCEPTS IN THE POSTDRAMATIC PLAYS OF SARAH KANE,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2022.