Robotic Replicants for Improving Queen Bee Health and Persistence of the Honey Bee Colony

Arslan, Okan Can
Arvin, Farshad
Broughton, George
Dvoracek, Dominik
Erdem, Babür
Güderer, Bilal Yağız
Kara, Mustafa Yavuz
Keyvan, Erhan Ege
Krajnik, Tomas
Rekabi, Fatemeh
Roucek, Tomas
Schimickl, Thomas
Stefanec, Martin
Suleman, Muhammed
Turgut, Ali Emre
Ulrich, Jiri
Zampachu, Kristi
47th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress


Robotic task planning using a backchaining theorem prover for multiplicative exponential first-order linear logic
Kortik, Sitar; Saranlı, Uluç (SPRINGER, VAN GODEWIJCKSTRAAT 30, 3311 GZ DORDRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 2019-11)
In this paper, we propose an exponential multiplicative fragment of linear logic to encode and solve planning problems efficiently in STRIPS domain, that we call the Linear Planning Logic (LPL). Linear logic is a resource aware logic treating resources as single use assumptions, therefore enabling encoding and reasoning of domains with dynamic state. One of the most important examples of dynamic state domains is robotic task planning, since informational or physical states of a robot include non-monotonic c...
Robotic system design for reshaping estimated human intention in human-robot interactions
Durdu, Akif; Erkmen, İsmet; Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
This thesis outlines the methodology and experiments associated with the reshaping of human intention via based on the robot movements in Human-Robot Interactions (HRI). Although works on estimating human intentions are quite well known research areas in the literature, reshaping intentions through interactions is a new significant branching in the field of human-robot interaction. In this thesis, we analyze how previously estimated human intentions change based on his/her actions by cooperating with mobile...
Robotic cell scheduling considering energy consumption of robot
Gültekin, Hakan; Gürel, Sinan; Akhlaghi, Vahid Eghbal (null; 2017-12-08)
Intelligent methods for dynamic analysis and navigation of autonomous land vehicles
Kaygısız, Hüseyin Burak; Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
Autonomous land vehicles (ALVs) have received considerable attention after their introduction into military and commercial applications. ALVs still stand as a challenging research topic. One of the main problems arising in ALV operations is the navigation accuracy while the other is the dynamic effects of road irregularities which may prevent the vehicle and its cargo to function properly. In this thesis, we propose intelligent solutions to these two basic problems of ALV. First, an intelligent method is pr...
Automated Video Game Testing Using Synthetic and Human-Like Agents
Arıyürek, Sinan; Betin Can, Aysu; Sürer, Elif (2019-10-01)
We present a new methodology that employs tester agents to automate video game testing. We introduce two types of agents —synthetic and human-like. Our agents are derived from Sarsa and MCTS but focus on finding defects while traditional game-playing agents focus on maximizing game scores. The synthetic agent uses test goals generated from game scenarios, and these goals are further modified to examine the effects of unintended game transitions. The human-like agent uses test goals extracted by our proposed...
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H. ALEMDAR et al., “Robotic Replicants for Improving Queen Bee Health and Persistence of the Honey Bee Colony,” presented at the 47th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: