Evaluating an Immersive Virtual Learning Environment for Learning How to Design in Human-Scale

Sonmez, Orkun
Sorguç, Arzu
This paper presents a part of a thesis research conducted at METU. It proposes a method for evaluating the effects of an immersive virtual learning environment (IVLE) which is integrated in an architectural design/learning activity. Proposed IVLE application and design/learning activity were designed through a synthesis on constructive learning, problem-based learning, immersive technologies, and intended learning outcomes (ILOs) in learning how to design in human-scale. Immersive experience of bodily interactions and problem solving process are focused. Method of evaluation was also developed over this synthesis, and an evaluation rubric was created based on the SOLO taxonomy. According to the evaluation method, a before-and-after test was conducted within a case study involving a particular scenario of design exercise and interviews. Conclusions are based on the results of this case study.
36th International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe)


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