Müzik Nasıl Anlatılır: Gülsin Onay İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi



Music Industry's Turbulent Relation with Streaming: Political Economy of Spotify
Saygın, Tahsin Mert; Çakmur, Barış; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2022-12-30)
Amidst the advent of digital technologies and increasing Internet use, there have been fundamental changes in how (popular) music is produced, distributed, licensed, and consumed in the 21st century. This thesis provides an overall picture of the process that resulted in recording industry revenues rising above the year in which they began to decline and makes the most important actor of this process – Spotify – its subject of study within the political economy framework. Even though illegal file-sharing is...
Müze Kültürü
Savaş Sargın, Ayşen (null; 2016-05-17)
Müze Tanımının Revizyonu Çalıştayı
Atakuman, Çiğdem (null; 2018-04-22)
A computational model of social dynamics of musical agreement
Öztürel, İsmet Adnan; Bozşahin, Hüseyin Cem; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2011)
Semiotic dynamics and computational evolutionary musicology literature investigate emergence and evolution of linguistic and musical conventions by using computational multi-agent complex adaptive system models. This thesis proposes a new computational evolutionary musicology model, by altering previous models of familiarity based musical interactions that try to capture evolution of songs as a co-evolutionary process through mate selection. The proposed modified familiarity game models a closed community o...
Seismic Protection of Museum Collections: Lessons Learned After the 1999 Earthquakes in Turkey
Ertürk, Nevra (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2012-6-1)
Turkey has a long history of large earthquakes in three major fault zones that place two-thirds of the country. Following the two major earthquakes that struck the nortwestern part of Turkey in 1999, several attempts have been taken at hospitals, schools or administrative buildings. The two earthquakes prompted museum professionals and policymakers to consider measures to protect museum collections as well as buildings against earthquake. After the 1999 earthquakes, various projects, scientific researches, ...
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