Güney, E.
Demirel, Nuray
© IMCET 2022. All rights reserved.The main objectives of this study are determining grey and blue water footprints and identifying the hotspots of the carbon in pulp (CIP) gold processing using water footprint assessment (WFA). Results revealed that the total blue water footprint, including the extraction and processing of the gold, was found 452.40 m3/kg Au, and the grey WF 2300.69 m3/kg Au. On the direct blue WF side the lost return flow has the largest contribution, with a value of 260.61 m3/kg Au, and the only source of the lost return flow is the tailing pond. On the indirect side, it is seen that the oxygen consumption used for the leaching process has the highest value, with 37.38 m3/kg. For the grey water footprint, the critical component is by far arsenic among the nine contaminants in the mine tailings, with a value of 1777 m3/kg Au. The results will be used to make recommendations for reducing water consumption in mining operations and to develop sustainable design for environment. The study is a pioneering study, being the first implementation of water footprint assessment in gold mining in Turkey.
27th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, IMCET 2022


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Altan, Tugba; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2022-01-01)
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© 2022 Gazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik. All rights reserved.Structural optimization of equipment mounted to payload carried externally by jet type fighter are performed by using the loads: artificial neural network (ANN) prediction, experimental and military specification. The main scope of this study is to evaluate the structural response limits proposed by military specifications with real test conditions and also compare the effects of usage ANN predicted and military specification loads in design...
Frame finite element model for nonlinear and vibration analysis of steel structures with Beam-Column and Column-Base Semi-Rigid Connections Kiriş-Kolon ve Kolon-Taban Yari-Rijit baǧlantili çelik yapilarin doǧrusal olmayan ve titreşim analizleri için çerçeve sonlu elemani modeli
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© 2022 Gazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik. All rights reserved.In this paper, a shear deformable force-based frame finite element with semi-rigid connections is derived for nonlinear analysis of steel structures. Distributed plasticity approach is defined along element length and section depth, and linear or non-linear semi-rigid connection behavior can be specified anywhere along elements without the necessity to define additional nodes and to increase the degrees of freedom of the structural system. T...
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Iram, Attia; Çekmecelioğlu, Deniz; Demirci, Ali (2022-01-01)
© 2022 ASABE. All Rights Reserved.Lignocellulolytic enzymes such as cellulases and xylanases are needed on the industrial scales for low cost production of biofuels and the other value-added products from lignocellulosic biomass such as distillers' dried grains with solubles (DDGS). Optimization of fermentation variables such as agitation, aeration, and inoculum size for fungal enzyme production by submerged fermentation can enhance the enzyme production levels. Therefore, this research focuses on the stati...
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