The Curious Incident of Indistinguishable Selves A Reply to Nesic

This is a short discussion of Janko Nesic's [2022. "Towards a Neutral-Structuralist Theory of Consciousness and Selfhood." International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 1-17], which conveys a critical review of Beni's Structural Realist theory of the Self (SRS). Nesic's critique indicates that there is an incongruity between the structuralist tendency of SRS and its commitment to panpsychism. He argues that Beni can use the notion of internal information to develop a more congenial account of consciousness than panpsychism. In this paper, I defend the panpsychist component of Beni's theory and explain why I think it's preferable to Nesic's proposal.


IRGALI, CAN; ŞENYUVA, ÖZGEHAN; Department of International Relations (2022-9-14)
This thesis investigates the hegemonic struggles in European football. This study aims to unfold how the global popularity of sport, specifically football have been utilized by various actors both with in/out the global field of sport to establish a hegemonic order and to expand it. The process of commodification and internationalization have caused football to become a contested field where there is a constant struggle for hegemony between the elite football clubs and the UEFA. This struggle revolves aroun...
The genesis of think-tank culture in Turkey: past, present and future?
Aydın, Aziz; Altunışık, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2006)
This thesis analyses the emergence and evolution of the think-tanks in Turkey. It seeks primarily to answer to whether or not it is possible to mention ‘a think-tank culture’ in Turkey. After the definition, characteristics and types of the think-tank term are debated, the historical background of think-tanks all over the world is analyzed. The thesis looks at similarities and differences among the think-tanks in and outside Turkey in terms of their size and areas of specialization. It also tries to find ou...
The 'politics of intimate' at the intersection of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism in contemporary Turkey
Acar, Feride; Altunok, Gülbanu (2013-11-01)
This paper aims to review the 'politics of the intimate' in the Turkish context. By looking at regulations and policy debates in the areas of sexuality, reproduction and family and partnership in the 2000s, it critically analyzes the scope and content of state policies, as well as the policy debates in these areas, from a gender and gender equality perspective. This analysis further emphasizes the interaction between neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism, two political rationalities that have come to play imp...
The EU politics of AK party between the years 2002-2017
Altuntaş, Yavuz; Torun, Zerrin; Department of International Relations (2020)
In this thesis, the European Union politics of AK Party between the years 2002-2017 will be examined. The chapters are organized according to the election periods in Turkey. The first period, between 2002 and 2007 is when Turkey started transferring European standards into its legislation rapidly under the first AK Party government. In the second period, between 2007 and 2011, the process gained a stagnant pace due to several international and domestic issues. During the second government of AK Party, altho...
The role of fixed entry costs in an evolutionary entry game with bertrand players
Soytaş, Uğur (2005-01-01)
This paper analyzes the role of fixed costs in an evolutionary entry game with Bertrand players. A stable state fails to exist when entry is free, regardless of whether capacity constraints are present or not. When a fixed entry cost is introduced, there is a unique evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) identical to the ESS outcome of Soytas and Becker (2003) and resembling the separating equilibrium of Milgrom and Roberts (1982). The unique ESS emerges even when capacity constraints are imposed. However, th...
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