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Recent Submissions

Structural Realism About the Free Energy Principle, the Best of Both Worlds
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2024-03-26)
There are realist and antirealist interpretations of the free energy principle (FEP). This paper aims to chart out a structural realist interpretation of FEP. To do so, it draws on Worrall's (Dialectica 43(1-2): 99-124, 19...
Constraining the Compression: Thermodynamic Depth and Composition
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2024-02-22)
This paper examines Bird's account of restricted compositionality in terms of compression of information. Additionally, this paper proposes an alternative perspective (to Bird's) that links compositionality to the Free Ene...
Book Review: Martinich, A. P. Hobbes’s Political Philosophy: Interpretation, and Interpretations
Ertan, Şebnem (2023-12-01)
Unveiling the philosophical foundations: On Cantor’s transfinite infinites and the metaphorical accounts of infinity
Birgül, Osman Gazi (2023-11-01)
This paper consists of two parts and has two aims. The first is to elaborate on the historical-philosophical background of Cantor’s notions of infinity in the context of Spinoza’s influence on him. To achieve this aim, in ...
Reinvigorating the Nineteenth Century Scientific Method: A Peirce-pective on Science
Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko; Davoody Benı, Majıd (2023-10-01)
This paper proposes to recover the topic of the philosophy of scientific method from its late nineteenth-century roots. The subject matter of scientific method sprouted from key inferential ingredients identified by Charle...
Queer in Translation: Sexual Politics Under Neoliberal Islam. By Evren Savcı. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2021. 232 pp. $25.95 (paper), ISBN: 9781478011361.
İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Fulden (2023-09-01)
Jc Beall’s current and potential impact on the continental philosophy of non-classical logics
Shores, Corry Michael (2023-05-01)
The continental philosophy of non-classical logics is a relatively new field that seeks to determine whether any aspects of certain continental philosophers’ thinking can be characterized in terms of non-classical lo...
The Introduction of Modern Western Philosophy in the Ottoman Empire: Armenian Thinkers
Karademir, Aret (2023-01-01)
The literature on the introduction of modern Western philosophy in the late Ottoman Empire is predominantly ethnocentric. This is because it reduces the Ottoman version of modern Western philosophy to the philosophical dis...
Editorial: Distributed and embodied cognition in scientific contexts
Davoody Benı, Majıd; Pietarinen, Ahti-Veikko; Farina, Mirko (2023-01-01)
Power, Energy, and the Society of Individuality in J. S. Mill's "On Liberty"
Grıffıth, James Edmond Carr (2023-01-01)
I begin, haltingly, and the individual begins, for John Stuart Mill, with an impulse. My impulse, in terms of Mill, is to ask after power and energy in hisOn Liberty. There, impulses are desires and those of the “Strong” v...
Casting inference to the best explanation's lot with active inference
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2023-01-01)
This paper draws on the resources of computational neuroscience (an account of active inference under the free energy principle) to address Bas van Fraassen's bad lot objection to the inference to the best explanation (IBE...
In defence of Churchland-style eliminative materialism: Objections and replies
Tümkaya, Serdal (2023-01-01)
The Churchlands are notorious for their theory of eliminative materialism (EM). This theory has become associated with scientism and a possible death of philosophy. In this article, I will closely examine the most common a...
Pyrrho and Vagueness: A Fregean Analysis
Güremen, Refik (2023-01-01)
Pyrrho of Elis advises us not to trust our sensations and opinions, but instead to be without opinions about individual things. He suggests that such a state is to be achieved by saying, concerning each individual thing, t...
Transparency in AI
Toy, Tolgahan (2023-01-01)
In contemporary artificial intelligence, the challenge is making intricate connectionist systems—comprising millions of parameters—more comprehensible, defensible, and rationally grounded. Two prevailing methodologies addr...
Disfigural Dynamisms of the Pictographic Theater: Towards a Deleuzian Phenomenology of the Embodied Comics Experience
Shores, Corry Michael (2022-12-01)
Vivian Sobchack’s Merleau-Pontian phenomenology of embodied film experience is applicable, with certain modifications, to the embodied comics experience, especially when considering her analyses of Gestalt closure, bodily ...
The Curious Incident of Indistinguishable Selves A Reply to Nesic
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2022-12-01)
This is a short discussion of Janko Nesic's [2022. "Towards a Neutral-Structuralist Theory of Consciousness and Selfhood." International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 1-17], which conveys a critical review of Beni'...
Dosis sola facit venenum: reconceptualising biological realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2022-12-01)
Richard Levins's (Am Sci 54(4):421-431, 1966) paper sets a landmark for the significance of scientific model-making in biology. Colombo and Palacios (Biol Philos 36(5):1-26. 10.1007/S10539-021-09818-X, 2021) have recently ...
Sevgi veya Para İçin
Aydın Bayram, Selma (2022-12-01)
Aristoteles’in Nikomakhos’a Etik Adlı Eserinde Akrasia’nın Pratik Tasım Üzerinden Yorumlanması
Akkökler Karatekeli, Büşra (2022-12-01)
Aristoteles’in Nikomakhos’a Etik adlı eserinin VII. kitabının neredeyse tamamı, genellikle kişinin bilgi sahibi olmasına rağmen bunun aksine davranması olarak tanımlanan akrasia kavramını ele almaktadır. Akrasia kavramını ...
Changing the Mood of Our Days: Gloria Anzaldúa and the Healing Perspective
İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Fulden (2022-11-01)
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