METU-DBL: A Cost Effective Proton Irradiation Facility

Demirköz, Melahat Bilge
Karadöller, Egecan
Çakmakoğlu, Selman
Hashmani, Raheem Karim
Muçogllava, Brunilda
Kayaalp, Arda
Kılıç, Uğur
Zorlu, Cem
Can, Ahmet Baran


Metu-Defocusing Beamline : A 15-30 Mev Proton Irradiation Facility and Beam Measurement System
Demirköz, Melahat Bilge; Akanay, Avaroğlu; Besna, Bülbül; Pelin, Uslu; Erinç, Kılıç; Yusuf, Orhan; Selen, Akçelik; Merve, Yiğitoğlu; Çağlar, Saral; Uzun Duran, Selcen; Kılıç, Uğur; İlias, Efthymiopoulos; Anıl Berkay, Poyrazoğlu; Abdrahman, Albarodi; Nazire, Çelik (2020-01-01)
Middle East Technical University – Defocusing Beam Line (METU-DBL) project is an irradiation facility providing 15 MeV to 30 MeV kinetic energy protons for testing various high radiation level applications, ranging from Hi-Lumi LHC upgrade, space electronic components to nuclear material research. The project located inside the premises of the TAEA (Turkish Atomic Energy Agency) SANAEM (Saraykoy Nuclear Education and Research Center) close to Ankara, provides users a wide selectable flux menu (105–1010 p/cm...
METU-PC-NET: Development and implementation of a local area network for PCs
Irkad, Ömer; Aktaş, Ziya; Department of Computer Engineering (1988)
METU-SNP: An Integrated Software System for SNPComplex Disease Association Analysis
Recently, there has been increasing research to discover genomic biomarkers, haplotypes, and potentially other variables that together contribute to the development of diseases. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most common form of genomic variations and they can represent an individual's genetic variability in greatest detail. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of SNPs, high-dimensional case-control studies, are among the most promising approaches for identifying disease causing variants. ...
METU MMDS An Intelligent Multimedia Database System for Multimodal Content Extraction and Querying
Yazıcı, Adnan; Yılmaz, Turgay; Gulen, Elvan; Koyuncu, Murat; Sert, Mustafa (2016-01-04)
Managing a large volume of multimedia data, which contain various modalities (visual, audio, and text), reveals the need for a specialized multimedia database system (MMDS) to efficiently model, process, store and retrieve video shots based on their semantic content. This demo introduces METU-MMDS, an intelligent MMDS which employs both machine learning and database techniques. The system extracts semantic content automatically by using visual, audio and textual data, stores the extracted content in an appr...
METU Dataset: A Big Dataset for Benchmarking Trademark Retrieval
Tursun, Osman; Kalkan, Sinan (2015-05-22)
Trademark retrieval (TR) is the problem of retrieving similar trademarks (logos) for a query, and the main aim is to detect copyright infringements in trademarks. Since there are millions of companies worldwide, automatically retrieving similar trademarks has become an important problem, and currently, checking trademark infringements is mostly performed manually by humans. However, although there have been many attempts for automated TR, as also acknowledged in the community, the problem is largely unsolve...
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M. B. Demirköz et al., “METU-DBL: A Cost Effective Proton Irradiation Facility,” presented at the Committe on Space Research (COSPAR 2022), Atina, Yunanistan, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: