A New Species of Evolvulus (Convolvulaceae): A Rare and Threatened Species from the Brazilian Cerrado, a Neotropical Biodiversity Hotspot

Santos, Diego
Alves Amorım, Cıhelıo
da Silva, Marcos Jose
Buril, Maria Teresa
As part of the taxonomic revision of Evolvulus section Lagopodini (Convolvulaceae), a new species was found in the Brazilian Cerrado, a Neotropical biodiversity hotspot, and it is informally categorized herein as endangered. Evolvulus veadeirensis sp. nov. is characterized by the subshrub habit, slender and cylindrical stems, lanceolate leaves, leaf base that is attenuate or obtuse, and clavate stigmatic lobes. Among the species in that section, E. veadeirensis sp. nov. is more similar to E. altissimus, differing from the latter mainly by height, the shape of the leaf blade, leaf apex, and the stigmatic lobes. A diagnosis, morphological descriptions, illustrations, taxonomic comments, informal conservation status, distribution map, photographs, and an identification key for species from Chapada dos Veadeiros are presented.


Extinction, survival, and recovery of lagenide foraminifers in the permian-triassic boundary interval, central Taurides, Turkey
Groves, JR; Altıner, Demir; Rettori, R (2005-07-01)
The assemblage of lagenide foraminifers in uppermost Permian rocks of the central Taurides consists of 22 species ill 16 genera. including the new species Rectostipulina pentamerata, plus additional unidentified elements. Of these, only two identifiable species in "Nodosaria" and indeterminate syzraniids survived the end-Permian mass extinction. The last occurrences of most taxa fall within the upper half-meter of the Permian System, a pattern consistent with abrupt extinction when tested for the Signor-Lip...
Estimation of demography and seasonal habitat use patterns of anatolian mouflon (ovis gmelinii anatolica) in Konya Bozdag protection area using distance sampling
Özdirek, Lütfiye; Kence, Aykut; Department of Biology (2009)
The Anatolian mouflon (Ovis gmelinii anatolica) is an endemic ungulate subspecies and of IUCN Vulnerable status that inhabits Konya-Bozdag region located in Central Anatolia. In this thesis, the demography and habitat use of the only natural population of Anatolian mouflon at Konya-Bozdag Provice is studied. Throughout the study, distance sampling techniques, specifically line transect sampling, are used to estimate density, size and growth rate of this population. Sex, age and count data are used to estima...
Characterization of taxonomically related some Turkish oak (quercus l.) species in an isolated stand : a morphometric analysis approach
Aktaş, Caner; Kaya, Zeki; Department of Biology (2010)
The genus Quercus L. is represented with more than 400 species in the world and 18 of these species are found naturally in Turkey. Although its taxonomical, phytogeographical and dendrological importance, the genus Quercus is still taxonomically one of the most problematical woody genus in Turkish flora. In this study, multivariate morphometric approach was used to analyze oak specimens collected from an isolated forest (Beynam Forest, Ankara) where Quercus pubescens Willd., Q. infectoria Olivier subsp. boi...
Pseudophleum anatolicum, a New Endemic Species of Pseudophleum (Poaceae) from East Anatolia, Turkey
Doğan, Musa; Sinan, Ali (2015-07-01)
Pseudophleum anatolicum (Poaceae: Poeae), a new species collected from Bingol Province in East Anatolia, Turkey, is described and illustrated as the second species of the genus ever discovered. The new species is distinguished from Pseudophleum gibbum by its larger spikelets and floral parts, rather longer acuminate ligules and anthers, as well as its phytogeography.
Systematics of West African Miniopterus with the description of a new species
Monadjem, Ara; Shapiro, Julie T.; Richards, Leigh R.; Karabulut, Hatice; Crawley, Wing; Nielsen, Ida Broman; Hansen, Anders; Bohmann, Kristine; Mourier, Tobias (2019-12-01)
The phylogenetic relationships and species limits within the chiropteran family Miniopteridae are poorly known in mainland Africa. Recent systematic studies in Madagascar have shown that this is a species-rich family, yet only eight species are currently recognized or hypothesized for continental Africa. Based on partial cytochrome b sequences and morphometric analysis, we describe a new species of Miniopterus that is endemic to a restricted, montane region of Liberia and Guinea. Furthermore, the taxonomic ...
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