Characterization of taxonomically related some Turkish oak (quercus l.) species in an isolated stand : a morphometric analysis approach

Aktaş, Caner
The genus Quercus L. is represented with more than 400 species in the world and 18 of these species are found naturally in Turkey. Although its taxonomical, phytogeographical and dendrological importance, the genus Quercus is still taxonomically one of the most problematical woody genus in Turkish flora. In this study, multivariate morphometric approach was used to analyze oak specimens collected from an isolated forest (Beynam Forest, Ankara) where Quercus pubescens Willd., Q. infectoria Olivier subsp. boissieri (Reuter) O. Schwarz and Q. macranthera Fisch. & C. A. Mey. ex Hohen. subsp. syspirensis (C.Koch) Menitsky taxa are belonging to section Quercus sensu stricto (s.s.) are found. Additional oak specimens were included in the analysis for comparison. Morphometric study was based on 52 leaf characters such as, distance, angle, and area as well as counted, descriptive and calculated variables. Morphometric variables were calculated automatically by use of landmark and outline data. Random forest classification method was used to select discriminating variables and predict unidentified specimens by use of pre-identified training group. The results of the random forest variable selection procedure and the principal component analysis (PCA) showed that the morphometric variables could distinguish the specimens of Q. pubescens and Q. macranthera subsp. syspirensis mostly based on the overall leaf size and number of intercalary veins while the specimens of Q. infectoria subsp. boissieri were separated from others based on lobe and lamina base shape. Finally, micromorphological observations of abaxial lamina surface have been performed by scanning electron microscope (SEM) on selected specimens which were found useful to differentiate, particularly the specimens of Q. macranthera subsp. syspirensis and its putative hybrids from other taxa.
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C. Aktaş, “Characterization of taxonomically related some Turkish oak (quercus l.) species in an isolated stand : a morphometric analysis approach,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.