Dynamic stress-strain behaviour of a sand by cyclic triaxial testing

Kiziroğlu, Sina


Dynamic stress concentrations around a single fiber break in unidirectional composites: a 3D finite element analysis
Mutlu, Çağlar; SABUNCUOĞLU, BARIŞ; Kadioglu, F Suat; Swolfs, Yentl (2023-01-01)
When a fiber break occurs in longitudinal tension of a unidirectional composite, dynamic stress concentrations arise, which can be different from the ones found considering only static loading. The current paper analyzes the dynamic stress concentration factors (SCF) around a fiber break in unidirectional carbon fiber/epoxy composites. 3D finite element models with random and hexagonal fiber distributions were analyzed to investigate the evolution of stress concentrations as a function of time and position....
Dynamic load three-dimensional stress analysis of helical gears.
Tamar, Mustafa; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1992)
Dynamic response of a flexible rectangular underground structure in sand: centrifuge modeling
ÜLGEN, DENİZ; SAĞLAM, SELMAN; Özkan, M. Yener (2015-09-01)
Major earthquakes such as Kobe (1995), Kocaeli (1999) and Chi-Chi (Taiwan) have shown that underground structures have suffered significant damage due to dynamic loading. Therefore, recently, much priority has been given to seismic safety of underground structures located in earthquake-prone regions. There is, however, not much experimental research on the dynamic response of buried structures. This research aims to better understand the dynamic behavior of relatively flexible rectangular underground struct...
Dynamic behavior of receding contact line.
Bulamaç, Osman N; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1984)
Dynamic Behavior of continuous flow stirred slurry reactors in boric acid production
Yücel Çakal, Gaye Ö; Eroğlu, İnci; Department of Chemical Engineering (2004)
One of the most important boron minerals, colemanite is reacted with sulfuric acid to produce boric acid. During this reaction, gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) is formed as a byproduct. In this study, the boric acid production was handled both in a batch and four continuously stirred slurry reactors (4-CFSSR̕s) in series system. In this reaction system there are at least three phases, one liquid and two solid phases (colemanite and gypsum). In a batch reactor all the phases have the same operating time (...
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S. Kiziroğlu, “Dynamic stress-strain behaviour of a sand by cyclic triaxial testing,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.