Ilgaz Alyanak

On March 31, 1976, Tarık SOMER's tenure expired. Prof. Dr. Ilgaz Alyanak, who was the head of Civil Engineering Department and had been Vice Rector during Kemal Kurdaş's period, was appointed as Rector by Board of Trustees. However, the conflict between the Board of Trustees and the Rectorship emerged. The Rector Ilgaz ALYANAK, who remained neutral during his administrative duty, resisted to Board of Trustees, and had to resign. This was a sign of the beginning of difficult years for METU. In the face of this incident, METU students used the 'Rector in Charge' slogan for the first time in METU history. In this respect, certain struggles emerged. Democratic METU March was held. However, ALYANAK could not return to his duty. Instead, Prof.Dr. Hasan TAN was appointed as Rector.
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