Erhan Karaesmen

Erhan Karaesmen graduated from Istanbul Technical University as a High Civil Engineer in 1959 and completed his doctoral studies at Paris Sorbonne University, Faculty of Applied Sciences between 1961 and 1965. From 1962 to 1965 he worked for the Research Unit of the European International Committee for Concrete and then joined the R.C. Reese research and project group in the US in 1966. He participated as a faculty member in the METU Department of Civil Engineering by METU Rector Kemal Kurdaş’s written invitation in 1966. He undertook the presidency of the Department in 1971-1972. Between 1978 and 1980, he returned to METU Department of Civil Engineering after his position as Undersecretary in the Ministry of Local Administration. He still maintains this duty with respect and love towards METU and continues to give part-time lectures at Bosphorus University with the same sentiments. He won several prizes with some works on advanced construction technologies such as Earthquake Engineering, preservation and restoration of historical monuments and prefabrication and posttensioned concrete. He carries out his interest and knowledge in technical and artistic matters with emphasis on studies that will bring about convergence in engineering and architecture branches. In addition to the books and articles on the technical topics, he also has a number of books and articles on art. He is married and has three children graduated from METU and has four grandchildren.
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