Lake Eymir (1970's)

Lake Eymir is a small lake about 20 kilometres south of the Ankara, Turkey. The shape of the lake roughly resembles the letter S.The lake is an alluvial set lake. The main water input is a channel from the nearby Lake Mogan, some 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) at the south west. When the level of Lake Eymir increases beyond a certain level, the extra water is discharged to the River İmrahor. During the flood in 1910, Lake Mogan and Lake Eymir temporarily merged.In 1956, 45 square kilometres (17 sq mi) land including Lake Eymir was allocated to the Middle East Technical University campus. Now ODTÜ is the only university in Turkey with a lake in the campus area. In 1960's, Rector Kemal Kurdaş began a forestation project around the lake. Now most of the once-barren land is a pine forest
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