Dynamic Response Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Structure in Underground Coal Mine Environment with Various Strata Conditions

Karadeniz, Kutay Emre
Nowak, Samuel
Guner, Dogukan
Sherizadeh, Taghi
Seals and build-in-place (BIP) refuge alternatives (RAs) are two main underground structures to isolate an area from the active working zones with different purposes. While seals are used to prevent methane gas that seeps from coal seams and blast pressures from a possible detonation of the contained gas, RAs are used to provide a safe haven for miners who are unable to escape their working locations after an accident like an explosion or fire. The recommended BIP RA designs can be similar to seals constructed with steel-reinforced concrete. Both seal and BIP RA are constructed in different locations of the mines for a period of time, exposed to a certain convergence due to stress redistribution which can change their responses during an explosion. In this study, a steel-reinforced concrete wall to be used in such applications is simulated to examine the structural performance during an explosion for a coal mine model with different strata conditions using dynamic analysis by a 3D distinct element method (DEM) code. The main purpose of this study is to reveal any possible effects or trends on the wall deformation with changes in strata conditions by implementing different combinations of roof, seam, and floor material properties. The model is calibrated by the experiment conducted on a steel-reinforced concrete wall by the NIOSH researchers in the Lake Lynn Experimental Mine. The results show that strong adjacent rock and coal units are the least favorable condition for the survival of the wall subjected to a simulated explosion pressure. The results indicate that changes in the roof and seam conditions can have dramatic effects on the deformation characteristics of the wall when compared to the floor conditions. The results of this study might be enlightening for future BIP RA and seal applications.
Citation Formats
K. E. Karadeniz, S. Nowak, D. Guner, and T. Sherizadeh, “Dynamic Response Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Structure in Underground Coal Mine Environment with Various Strata Conditions,” MINING METALLURGY & EXPLORATION, vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 563–581, 2023, Accessed: 00, 2024. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/108613.