"King Ubu" game poster (2022)

"King Ubu" (Ubu Roi) is a French stage play written by Alfred Jarry in 1896. This play is considered one of the most important absurd comedies in theater history and It created a great revolution in theatre. This play called "King Übü" tells the adventures of its main characters, Übü Baba and Übü Ana. It is about absurd events. Übü Baba is a gluttonous, ambitious and cruel character. Game, Ubu It begins with Baba coming to power and the madness and chaos he goes through after taking over the throne. Describes terrible events. Games, war, power, injustice and the contradictions of human nature While dealing with universal themes, it also entertains the audience through humor and irony and makes you think. Alfred Jarry's creative and courageous play has an important place in modern theatre. and is considered one of the pioneers of absurdist theatre.
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