Aly, Reem H.A.A.
Over the last decade, a significant amount of research has been conducted in the fields of variable aircraft structures aiming to yield better aerodynamic performance. Traditional fixed wings can provide the best performance in cruise flight conditions while using conventional control surfaces. However, morphing structures have the ability to alter their shape adapting the wing geometry according to the flight regime required. This thesis proposes a morphing design of a variable camber Eppler e397 airfoil which uses corrugated structures and shape memory alloy (SMA) wire pulling mechanism to create trailing edge deflections. SMA is a type of smart material that can exists in two phases, and possess several good mechanical characteristics such as superelasticity and shape memory effect as well as large strain capabilities. The proposed morphing mechanism aims to provide better aerodynamic performance compared to that of the conventional plain flap, and replace it. Finite element analysis (FEA) was carried out to investigate the structural integrity of the structure. The design proved feasibility in terms of structural integrity. A parametric study was then conducted on the number and position of the wire within the airfoil to investigate the amount of downward deflection that can result from the proposed mechanism. As a result, the amount of deflection angle increased directly as the position of the wire approached the upper surface of the airfoil (up to 8.2°) which was obtained at wire position P5. In addition, aerodynamic parameters resulting from the deflected geometries were evaluated using Athena vortex lattice methods (AVL) and then compared to a conventional airfoil with hinged flap-like-structure. The highest percent enhancements in aerodynamic coefficients obtained were at the smallest deflection angle obtained which was at β=5.7° and α=0°.
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R. H. A. A. Aly, “DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF MORPHING AIRFOIL USING SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY TECHNOLOGY,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2024.