Local area network monitoring on OS/2 operating system

Gargın, Cüneyt


Distributed area partitioning for multi-robot coverage
Hocaoğlu, Burak; Şahin, Erol; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-5-9)
This thesis focuses on the distributed coverage area partitioning problem in a robotic swarm deployed over a known, two-dimensional environment. The goal is to split a region of interest into a number of subregions such that the amount of effort required to cover each subregion is approximately equal with respect to an objective function. Towards this end, the problem is defined as a distributed optimization problem, where the decision varibles are the locations of robots. Then, the proposed solution approa...
YIGIT, I; KIPER, A (1993-09-22)
Discrete event supervisor design and application for manufacturing systems with arbitrary faults and repairs
Acar, Ayşe Nur; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2015-10-07)
This paper considers the supervisory control of discrete event systems (DES) that are subject to faults. To this end, an existing method for the fault-recovery and repair of single faults is extended to the case of different faults. As a result, we obtain a supervisor that follows the specified nominal system behavior in the fault-free case, converges to a desired degraded behavior for each fault type and recovers the nominal behavior after repair. The results of the paper are illustrated by a small example.
User association and routing in UAV-supported HetNets
Tezergil, Berke; Onur, Ertan; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-1-24)
With the introduction of millimeter waves in 5G, using wireless backhaul has become feasible with higher performance comparable to that of fiber cables. Using unmanned aerial vehicles as small cells enabled many use-cases by reducing the average link length and increasing the line-of-sight probability. In this work, a heterogeneous network with users, flying small cells on unmanned aerial vehicles, and macro base stations are considered. We introduce two main problems: establishing backhaul routes for small...
Local search heuristics for pollution-routing problem with multiple vehicle types and deadlines
Saka, Onur Can; Gürel, Sinan; Van Woensel, Tom; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is one of the most widely studied problems in logistics literature. Up to now, many different types of exact solution methods and heuristics have been developed in order to deal with various variants of this computationally complex optimization problem. However, only a few researchers have included the concepts of speed control, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their studies. The first part of this study is dedicated to a special variant of VRP called the ...
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C. Gargın, “Local area network monitoring on OS/2 operating system,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.