Scheduling a batch processing machine with non-identical job sizes
Azizoğlu, Meral (2000-07-10)
The problem of scheduling batch processors is important in some industries and, at a more fundamental level, captures an element of complexity common to many practical scheduling problems. We describe a branch and bound procedure applicable to a batch processor model with arbitrary job processing times, job weights and job sizes. The scheduling objective is to minimize total weighted completion time. We find that the procedure returns optimal solutions to problems of up to similar to 25 jobs in reasonable C...
Production of an electronic environment cyberspace as a difference
Tek, Özgür; İnam, Ahmet; Barr, Kenneth; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2002)
Energy Modeling of Wearable Intelligent Batteryless Health Monitoring System with Thermal-Vibrational Hybrid Harvester
Sharone, Molly; Muhtaroğlu, Ali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2021-9-18)
A unified model is developed in this thesis with a thermal-vibrational hybrid energy harvester and a wearable intelligent batteryless health monitoring system for accurate prediction of energy flow from generation to consumption. Analytical models are developed first based on environmental conditions, energy conversion parameters, geometry, and datasheet specifications. Data from literature is utilized from multiple energy harvesters, interface electronics, the intelligent sensor nodes and monitored patient...
Surface Recombination Noise in InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodiodes
Tansel, Tunay; Kutluer, Kutlu; Muti, Abdullah; Salihoglu, Omer; Aydinli, Atila; Turan, Raşit (2013-03-01)
The standard Schottky noise approach alone is not sufficient to describe the noise mechanism in an InAs/GaSb superlattice photodetector at reverse negative bias. The additional noise identified appears at surface activation energies below 60 meV and is inversely proportional to the reverse bias. In order to satisfactorily explain the experimental data, we hereby propose the existence of a surface recombination noise that is a function of both the frequency and bias. The calculated noise characteristics inde...
Dynamic stability analysis of modular, self-reconfigurable robotic systems
Böke, Tevfik Ali; Soylu, Reşit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
In this study, an efficient algorithm has been developed for the dynamic stability analysis of self-reconfigurable, modular robots. Such an algorithm is essential for the motion planning of self-reconfigurable robotic systems. The building block of the algorithm is the determination of the stability of a rigid body in contact with the ground when there exists Coulomb friction between the two bodies. This problem is linearized by approximating the friction cone with a pyramid and then solved, efficiently, us...
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