Autoclave soda leaching of Uludağ flotation scheelite concentrate.

Özdal, Z İvgen


Pyrolysis of avgamasya asphaltite and gasification of asphaltite coke.
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Hydrometallurgical processing of lateritic nickel ores
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The objective of this thesis study is to recover nickel and cobalt at maximum efficiency from column leach liquor of lateritic nickel ores existing in Gördes region of Manisa by performing various hydrometallurgical methods under the optimum conditions. This column leach solution of nontronite type lateritic nickel ore was initially neutralized and purified from its basic impurities by a two stage iron removal process under the optimum conditions determined experimentally. Then, nickel and cobalt were preci...
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Z. İ. Özdal, “Autoclave soda leaching of Uludağ flotation scheelite concentrate.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.