Electromagmetic interference shielding effectiveness and some mechanical properties of carbon fiber-carbon black/polypropylene composites.

Polat, A. Adnan


Electrokinetic potential and flotation characteristics of colemanite /
Çorapçıoğlu, Özden M; Department of Chemical Engineering (1972)
Electromechanical ballscrew force excitation system: dynamic modeling and control
Denizhan, Burak; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2020)
Ball screws are components that are used to convert rotary motion into linear motion with relatively high mechanical efficiency. This property makes them an ideal choice for missile fin actuation systems where the demand for limited volume and high torque exists. Because of the structure of these systems, high torque demand comes with a high axial force on the ball screw, which consists of a nut, a shaft and balls in between. Especially, on high rotational speeds, the dynamic load capacity of ball screw pla...
Electromigration-induced void grain-boundary interactions: The mean time to failure for copper interconnects with bamboo and near-bamboo structures
Ogurtani, TO; Oren, EE (AIP Publishing, 2004-12-15)
A well-posed moving boundary-value problem, describing the dynamics of curved interfaces and surfaces associated with voids and/or cracks that are interacting with grain boundaries, is obtained. Extensive computer simulations are performed for void configuration evolution during intergranular motion, under the actions of capillary and electromigration forces in thin-film metallic interconnects with bamboo structures. The analysis of experimental data, utilizing the mean time to failure formulas derived in t...
Electrospinning of chitosan/poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid)/hydroxyapatite composite nanofibrous mats for tissue engineering applications
Endoğan Tanır, Tuğba; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat; Hasırcı, Nesrin (2014-11-01)
Electrospinning, which is a fiber fabrication technique using electrical forces to produce fibers with diameters ranging from nanometers to several micrometers, can be used to prepare materials mimicking the extracellular matrix proteins for potential use as tissue engineering scaffolds. In this study, nanofibrous mats of chitosan (CH) and poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) having fiber diameters between 167 to 525 nm, and containing hydroxyapatite (HAp), were prepared by electrospinning technique. M...
Electrochromic and photovoltaic applications of benzotriazole bearing donor acceptor type conjugated polymers
Baran, Derya; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Department of Chemistry (2010)
Organic semi-conductors are of great interest since these compounds can be utilized as active layers in many device applications such as ECDs, LEDs and solar cells. Incorporating the benzotriazole units into the polymer backbone enhances the optical properties of donor units. Hexyl thiophene and pyrrole are commonly used as electron donor materials. Benzotriazole can be coupled to hexyl thiophene or pyrrole to yield materials which can be polymerized to give donor acceptor type polymers. These materials are...
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A. A. Polat, “Electromagmetic interference shielding effectiveness and some mechanical properties of carbon fiber-carbon black/polypropylene composites.,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.