A framework for understanding "modernism" in architecture, and architecture as a field of knowledge

Aközer, Emel


An Ontological inquiry on potentials of criticality and conceptualization of program in architecture
Kızıl, Sinan Cem; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2017)
The relation between architecture and social change is one of the key themes in historical discourse of architectural theory. The tradition of criticality has been consolidated after enlightenment and it caused distrust towards norms of architecture. Even though this tradition of criticality eventually turns to its roots and criticises the ideals of enlightenment in postmodern discourses, it is clear that namely postmodern architectures still subjected to criticism similar to their modernist predecessors. I...
An Interpretive framework for understanding architectural theory's self-representation
Mennan, Zeynep; Pamir, Haluk; Department of Architecture (1997)
A New conceptual framework for architectural utopia(nism)s
Güneri, Gizem Deniz; Özkan, Suha; Department of Architecture (2014)
The writings of urban theorists that have studied urban settings as fields of ingenuity, and utopias that propose the possible-other in parallel lines go back to very early periods in history. However, works dwelling on the influence of such imaginary constructs on actual spatial practices, in the form of architectural output, per se, are comparably new. Since the appearance of the very first theoretical work on the relationship between utopia and architecture, barely a century has passed. During this perio...
A reconsideration of the concept of architectural space in the virtual realm
Kınayoğlu, Gökhan; Mennan, Zeynep; Department of Architecture (2007)
The discovery of new geometries in the 19th century and the departure from an absolute to a relative understanding of space-time, together with the invention of higher dimensions have caused a shift towards the idealization of space. This new type of ideal space was called hyperspace. The counter-intuitive quality of hyperspace has opened up new formal possibilities and representation techniques in art and architecture. In a similar manner, with the introduction of computers, the virtual and immaterial qual...
A novel approach for renovation of current social housing stock based on energy consumption in Turkey: significance of occupant behaviour
Harputlugil, Guelsu Ulukavak; HARPUTLUGİL, TİMUÇİN; Pedergnana, Matthieu; Sarioglu, Esra (Informa UK Limited, 2019-05-11)
The goal of this research is to attempt establishing occupant behaviour profiles and how that behaviour impacts energy consumption with regard to indoor comfort levels in the current social housing stock in Turkey. The data consists of a large statistical survey that included four housing complexes situated in different climate regions in Turkey. Another more detailed survey was given to occupants of housing blocks in Ankara. Apartments were also monitored during a one-week period in summer and again in win...
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E. Aközer, “A framework for understanding “modernism” in architecture, and architecture as a field of knowledge,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1989.