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A provision model and design guidelines for permanent post-disaster housing in rural areas of Turkey based on an analysis of reconstruction projects in Çankırı

Dikmen, Neşe
Studies on post-disaster housing in rural areas of Turkey show that these houses do not respond to all the needs of users. After the earthquake of June 2000, 1,221 permanent post-disaster houses (PDH) were erected in the villages of Çankırı. Some of these PDH were built with Typical Designs while others were custom-designed for the beneficiaries who had rejected the Typical Designs of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. The aim of this study was to pinpoint those factors of the PDH which led to satisfaction or dissatisfaction among the beneficiaries and, hence, abandonment of these houses. A survey was carried out in the area to determine the types of PDH built ا used or abandoned ا any additions or alterations made and for which purpose, and user̕s degree of satisfaction with their houses. Those PDH which were altered and to which any additional spaces were added were measured and drawn to visually record the changes made by the beneficiaries. A random sample of 90 families was selected for the investigation. A questionnaire was prepared for the study which was administered to the permanent users of the PDH with Typical Designs and Custom Designs and the beneficiaries who refused to move to the PDH with Typical Designs. Data obtained from the questionnaires was analysed with the help of statistical tools. It was revealed that Traditional Houses in the villages are better equipped to answer the local needs; PDH with Typical Designs do not meet the needs of the users; PDH with Custom Designs are closer to user needs; and that some beneficiaries who refused to move to new settlements preferred to construct PDH on the lots of their previous houses. In addition, a survey was carried out in the villages to understand geographical, topographical and climatic conditions and house typology in the region. Additions and modifications made in the PDH with Typical