Modelling the ISE100 index and the four different types of players : large-cap, corporate, mid-cap and foreign investors by using fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems

Aksoy, Hakan


Modelling precipitation data of certain regions for Turkey via hidden markov models
Yaman, Nevin; Batmaz, İnci; Yozgatlıgil, Ceylan; Department of Statistics (2014)
Estimation methods on climate changes have become increasingly popular in the world over the recent years. They are useful for making comments about the future by using the past data related to temperature and precipitation. Especially, precipitation models, which are usefull for forecasting and simulation purposes, play a crucial role in forecasting climate changes. Estimations of daily rainfall amounts and occurrences found by using precipitation models are commonly used to generate scenarios of runoff, d...
Modelling pre-service science teachers' pro-environmental behaviours in relation to psychological and cognitive variables
Şahin, Elvan; Öztekin, Ceren (Informa UK Limited, 2020-08-01)
Grounded in large-scale studies, this research further investigates the nature of pro-environmental behaviours and related factors by selecting a nation-wide sample of Turkish pre-service science teachers as educators of future generations. We examined the relationships between pro-environmental behaviours and psychological and cognitive variables by evaluating the proposed theoretical model through path analysis. Data were collected from 1497 pre-service science teachers using environmental future scale, b...
Modelling the oscillating star V1162 Ori
Civelek, R; Kiziloglu, N; Kirbiyik, H (EDP Sciences, 2003-12-01)
Evolutionary stellar models of V1162 Ori, with the latest observations of a multiperiodic delta Scuti star, have been calculated theoretically and compared with the observations. Theoretical models representative of the star indicate that it is at an advanced stage of its main-sequence evolution. Calculations have been made for two different masses, 1.80 and 1.82 M-., at different rotational speeds. Rotation was treated as a perturbation and only the first-order effect was considered. The evolutionary model...
Modelling a 7-Level Asymmetrical H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with PS-SPWM Control
KABALCI, ERSAN; ÇOLAK, İlhami; BAYINDIR, RAMAZAN; Pavlitov, Constantin (2011-09-10)
Although the multilevel inverter topologics are comprehensively studied in power conversion issues, novel topologies are still being sought in order to decrease required semiconductors for same output levels that are currently obtained with classical multilevel topologies. Several studies have been reported in the literature on multilevel inverter topologies and control techniques. However, the cascaded multilevel inverter topology is one of the most widely studied topology to increase the output levels, as...
Modelling sound source localization under precedence effect using multivariate Gaussian mixtures
Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2002-10-10)
The precedence effect refers to the property of the human auditory system that enables accurate localization of sound sources where many interfering echoes of the original signal are also present. Perception of the elevation, azimuth, and distance of sound sources are affected in the presence of an echo. The multivariate Gaussian mixture model proposed in this paper combines azimuth, elevation and distance perception, and provides a general framework for mode...
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H. Aksoy, “Modelling the ISE100 index and the four different types of players : large-cap, corporate, mid-cap and foreign investors by using fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.