Preventive measures against alkali-silica reaction

Bektaş, Fatih


Preventive Replacement Decisions for Dragline Components Using Reliability Analysis
Demirel, Nuray; Gölbaşı, Onur (2016-06-01)
Reliability-based maintenance policies allow qualitative and quantitative evaluation of system downtimes via revealing main causes of breakdowns and discussing required preventive activities against failures. Application of preventive maintenance is especially important for mining machineries since production is highly affected from machinery breakdowns. Overburden stripping operations are one of the integral parts in surface coal mine productions. Draglines are extensively utilized in overburden stripping ...
Preventing sluggish or stuck fermentations which may be caused by sugar uptake deficiency in saccharomyces cerevisiae wine yeast strains by using glucose isomerase
Ünal, Nahide Seray; Hamamcı, Haluk; Department of Food Engineering (2019)
The objective of this study was to prevent stuck fermentation, which may be caused by sugar uptake deficiency in yeast by using glucose isomerase, whose activity was tested in different media. The unfermented grape juice contains almost equal amounts of glucose and fructose. After fermentation, amount of residual fructose is higher than that of glucose and the glucose/fructose discrepancy (GFD) occurs. One of the main reasons of GFD is that affinity of hexose transporters of yeast towards fructose decreases...
Determiation of potential favorable zones for pelasic fish aggregation (anchovy) in the Balack Sea using rs and gis
Çiftçi, Nilhan; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2005)
Fishing is a significant source of food, and constitutes an important source of income in Turkey. Due to the large extent required to analyse the distribution of fish stocks, information derived from satellites play an important role in fisheries applications. Chlorophyll concentration and sea surface temperature (SST) are the most significant parameters which define the fish habitat. The accuracy of these parameters in the Black Sea taken from two different satellites, namely Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view...
Prevention of sidewall redeposition of etched byproducts in the dry Au etch process
Aydemir, A.; Akın, Tayfun (IOP Publishing, 2012-07-01)
In this paper we present a new technique of etching thin Au film in a dual frequency inductively coupled plasma (ICP) system on Si substrate to prevent the redeposition of etched Au particles over the sidewall of the masking material known as veils. First, the effect of the lithography step was investigated. Then the effects of etch chemistry and the process parameters on the redeposition of etched Au particles on the sidewall of the masking material were investigated. The redeposition effect was examined b...
Prevention of turbidity in pomegranate juice concentrate during storage time
Sert, Dilara; Mert, Behiç; Department of Food Engineering (2019)
This study aimed at finding a solution to turbidity problem in pomegranate juice concentrate during storage without reprocessing. In this study Hicaz type pomegranates (Punica Granatum L. ) (Hicaznar) were processed into clear fruit juice. Based on the literature studies and the interviews with the sector representatives (Novozymes and Erbslöh), the experiments were carried out on the effect of gelatin in preventing turbidity. In addition, the effect of filtration process of oxalic acid crystals, which is o...
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F. Bektaş, “Preventive measures against alkali-silica reaction,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.