The Role of climate and geomorphological structure on city macroform: a case study on Ankara macroform

Şenol, Meltem


The role of mesoscale processes controlling biological variability in the Black Sea coastal waters: inferences from SeaWIFS-derived surface chlorophyll field
Oguz, T; Deshpande, AG; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P (Elsevier BV, 2002-06-01)
Several different time series of chlorophyll images from the 1997-2000 Seaviewing, Wide Field-of-view Sensor data set have been analysed to gain a perspective on the dynamical and biological variability in the Black Sea, particularly oil its northwestern shelf region and along the Anatolian coastal zone. The images are interpreted in terms of documenting the close link between biological production and physical dynamics of the boundary system, and of emphasizing the role of eddy processes on controlling mes...
The role of water-level fluctuations in shallow lake ecosystems - workshop conclusions
Coops, H; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Crisman, TL (2003-11-15)
Discussion and conclusions are presented from a workshop held at Balatonfured, Hungary in May 2002 on the role of water-level fluctuations on the structure and function of shallow lakes. Water-level regime is regarded to be an important factor for lake ecosystem functioning and affects conservation values. Biota, in particular those living in vegetated areas, respond differentially to changes in hydroperiod dynamics. Extreme water levels may cause shifts between the turbid and the clear, macrophyte-dominate...
The influence of water level on macrophyte growth and trophic interactions in eutrophic Mediterranean shallow lakes: a mesocosm experiment with and without fish
Bucak, Tuba; Saraoglu, Ece; Levi, Etie; Tavsanoglu, U. Nihan; Cakiroglu, A. Idil; Jeppesen, Erik; Beklioğlu, Meryem (2012-08-01)
1. Water-level fluctuations are typical of lakes located in the semi-arid Mediterranean region, which is characterised by warm rainy winters and hot dry summers. Ongoing climate change may exacerbate fluctuations and lead to more severe episodes of drought, so information on the effects of water level on the functioning of lake ecosystems in such regions is crucial. 2. In eutrophic Lake Eymir, Turkey, we conducted a 4-month (summer) field experiment using cylindrical 0.8-m- (low-water-level) and 1.6-m-deep ...
The role of political concepts on planning and design process of new capitals : a comparative study
Uluğ, Hande; Keskinok, H. Çağatay; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2000)
The relationship between carbon dioxide and agriculture in Ghana: a comparison of VECM and ARDL model
Asumadu-Sarkodie, Samuel; Owusu, Phebe Asantewaa (2016-06-01)
In this paper, the relationship between carbon dioxide and agriculture in Ghana was investigated by comparing a Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) and Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Model. Ten study variables spanning from 1961 to 2012 were employed from the Food Agricultural Organization. Results from the study show that carbon dioxide emissions affect the percentage annual change of agricultural area, coarse grain production, cocoa bean production, fruit production, vegetable production, and the ...
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M. Şenol, “The Role of climate and geomorphological structure on city macroform: a case study on Ankara macroform,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.