Optimization of culture conditions for scytalidium thermophilum endoglucanase production on lignocellulosic biomass

Yarangümeli, Kadri Kıvanç


Optimization of fermentation conditions for the production of xylanases from Rhizopus oryzae
Yavaşçaoğlu, B. Şebnem; Bakır, Ufuk; Kolankaya, Nazif; Department of Biotechnology (2000)
Optimization of conditions in sulfuric acid leaching of Turkish chromite concentrates
Ustaoğlu, Emre; Geveci, Ahmet; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2006)
In this thesis work, a high grade chromite concentrate obtained from Pınarbaşı, Kayseri region of Turkey was reacted with sulfuric acid solution to determine the optimum conditions of leaching of chromite ores. Conventional methods for producing chromium are still valid in industry. The main process in production includes soda melting and taking it into solution in the form of chemical compounds such as sodium dichromate. Three and six valence states of chromium have importance in production. Trivalent chro...
Optimization of conditions of metallothermic reduction of rare earth preconcenrtrates
Yılmaz, Serkan; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2007)
Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy is an important additive for ferrous metallurgy. It is mainly used to control the detrimental effects of sulfur in steel and to modify graphite structures in cast iron. The aim of this study was to optimize the conditions for the production of rare earth ferrosilicon alloy by metallothermic reduction process using a preconcentrate prepared from a bastnasite type of ore present in the Beylikahır-Eskişehir region of Turkey. In this study, the rare earth preconcentrate was reduced...
Optimization of tissue culture, generation and agrobacterium mediated transformation parameters in winter wheat cultivars (Kızıltan-91 and Bezostaja-01)
Kavas, Musa; Yücel, Ayşe Meral; Department of Biology (2005)
The objective of this study was to optimize tissue culture and regeneration parameters of immature inflorescence culture of Triticum aestivum cv. Bezostaja- 01 and Triticum durum cv. Kızıltan-91. The effects of callus age and vernalisation time of explants on regeneration success were evaluated. For determination of optimum vernalisation time of immature inflorescence, plants subjected to 4°C for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 weeks, respectively. Tillers containing immature inflorescences were collected at the same tim...
Optimization of nitrogen sources for the maximum production of cellulases and xylanases by Aspergillus Niger strains
Iram, Attia; Çekmecelioğlu, Deniz; Demirci, Ali (2021-01-01)
© ASABE 2021. All rights reserved.Hydrolytic enzymes such as cellulases and xylanases are required for second-generation bioethanol production. Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) has high fiber content which can be used to produce such enzymes by various fungal species. Aspergillus niger is one of the top producers of hydrolytic enzymes. The addition of nitrogen sources can further enhance enzyme production in DDGS based media. Therefore, in this study, two A. niger strains, NRRL 330 and NRRL 567,...
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K. K. Yarangümeli, “Optimization of culture conditions for scytalidium thermophilum endoglucanase production on lignocellulosic biomass,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.