Design and control of self-parking model car

Avğan, Utku
A fuzzy logic control algorithm for self parking of a model car has been developed and an embedded controller hardware has been designed, manufactured and programmed to control parking maneuvers of a model car within the scope of this thesis study. The model car chassis consists of a DC motor actuated traction system and a servomotor actuated steering mechanism. Position data and parking place data is obtained by a sensory system. A stepper motor driven rotary table is designed and assembled to the model car chassis for positioning of the sensory system. The controller hardware includes all the required peripherals for interfacing to the motors and sensory system. A visual computer program running in PC environment is developed in order to simulate the control characteristics of the fuzzy logic algorithm. The program allows the user to generate fuzzy sets and fuzzy set members and allows the user to define membership functions and fuzzy rules. Once an appropriate control characteristic is obtained, all the parameters can be exported to a file in order to be downloaded to the controller.
Citation Formats
U. Avğan, “Design and control of self-parking model car,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.