Deterritorialization and new approaches to urban space

Karaman, Ozan
In contemporary debates on space, the validity of ءphysical space̕ as an indispensable category of human existence is widely questioned on the basis of the claim that the relevant interval of analysis has shifted from ءspace̕ to ءtime̕, thanks to the technological innovations enabling the speed of present-day telecommunications. The apparent primacy of mobility of أdeterritorializedؤ commodities, signs, meanings, and identities, in the contemporary society, adds new dimensions to the traumatic experience of ephemerality, in spatial and temporal categories. Through the claims declaring, the dissolution of the dichotomy between urban and rural, and redefinition of the relevant dichotomy between the ءspace of places̕ and the ءspace of flows̕ in recent theoretical efforts; we attempt to trace how the notion of ءplace̕ could be revalidated and reconstituted with reference to processes of contemporary globalization. The study examines the new paths for a constructive definition of ءplace̕, which are opened up by the crisis in locating and representing temporal and spatial categories both physically and mentally.
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O. Karaman, “Deterritorialization and new approaches to urban space,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2003.