Steering laws for control moment gyroscope systems used in spacecrafts attitude control

Yavuzoğlu, Emre
In this thesis, the kinematic properties of Single Gimballed Control Moment Gyroscopes (SGCMGs) are investigated. Singularity phenomenon inherent to them is explained. Furthermore, existing steering laws with their derivations are given. A novel steering law is developed that may provide singularity avoidance or may be used for quick transition through a singularity with small torque errors. To avoid singularity angular momentum trajectory of the maneuver is to be simulated in advance for the calculation of singularity free gimbal histories. The steering law, besides accurately generating required torques, also pushes the system to follow trajectories closely if there is a small difference between the planned and the realized momentum histories. Thus, it may be used in a feedback system. Also presented are number of approaches for singularity avoidance or quick transition through a singularity. The application of these ideas to the feedback controlled spacecraft is also presented. Existing steering laws and the proposed method are compared through computer simulations. It is shown that the proposed steering law is very effective in singularity avoidance and quick transition through singularities. Furthermore, the approach is demonstrated to be repeatable even singularity is encountered.
Citation Formats
E. Yavuzoğlu, “Steering laws for control moment gyroscope systems used in spacecrafts attitude control,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.