Representing design patterns as super components in component oriented software engineering

Avkaroğulları, Okan
It is widely believed and empirically shown that component reuse improves both the quality and productivity of software development. This brings the necessity of a graphical editor to model the projects by using components. A graphical editor was implemented for the development of Component Oriented software development. The editor facilitates modeling efforts through application of the graphical modeling language COSEML. Both design patterns and software components have come to play important roles in software development. The correlation between software components and design patterns is apparent. In the design phase of the projects design patterns are used widely both in component and object oriented projects. Design patterns can be used as super components in component-based development . Software reuse, software components, design patterns, use of design patterns in component-based development, and component architectures are studied in details to address the need for the approach. COSE modeling activity starts with the decomposition of the target system into building blocks in a top-down order. Next, interfaces between these blocks are defined. If required design patterns can be added to model as super components.
Citation Formats
O. Avkaroğulları, “Representing design patterns as super components in component oriented software engineering,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.