Synthesis and characterization of monoacetylferrocene added sulfonated polystyrene ionomers

Büyükyağcı, Arzu
Incorporation of monoacetylferrocene to the sulfonated polystyrene ionomers imparted some changes in the properties of sulfonated polystyrene. Sulfonation was carried out by acetic anhydride and concentrated sulphuric acid. The sulfonation reaction and the degree of sulfonation were determined by analytical titration and adiabatic bomb calorimeter . For this purpose, sulfonated polystyrene (SPS) samples with varying percentages of sulfonation were prepared between 0.85% and 6.51%. Monoacetyl ferrocene was used in equivalent amount of sulfonation through addition procedure. FTIR Spectroscopy was one of the major techniques used to support the successful addition of AcFe to the SPS samples. Altering the sulfonation degree did not change the characteristic peak positions, but increased the peak intensities with increasing the degrees of sulfonation. Mechanical properties of resultant polymers were investigated. As a result, elastic modulus of polymers decreased by the amount of monoacetylferrocene. Thermal characteristic were found by Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). Thermal analysis revealed that sulfonated polystyrene samples after addition of monoacetylferrocene displayed lower values of Tg. Microscopic analysis were made by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and single phase for each sample was observed. Besides, energy dispersed micro analysis showed an increase in the intensity of the iron (II) peaks that is related to the amount of monoacetylferrocene added to the SPS samples. Flame retardancy for each polymer was also examined and found that addition of monoacetylferrocene to sulfonated polystyrene does not change the Limiting Oxygen Index value (LOI)(17). However, LOI value for polystyrene is 18.
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A. Büyükyağcı, “Synthesis and characterization of monoacetylferrocene added sulfonated polystyrene ionomers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.