Effect of bright sunshine duration on the selection of settlement locatonb : a gis method applied to Çamkırı province

Erdoğan, Emre
This study derives a method that seeks a possible relationship between settlement site locations and sunrise-sunset times of those locations using Geographical Information Systems. The method is applied to Çankiri province, which is located at northeast of Ankara and covers approximately an area of 8380 km2. Three main data sets of the study area are used in this thesis: 1) Settlement data containing the coordinates, IDs and names of the 891 settlement points, 2) Topographic data containing the coordinates and digital elevation values of all raster pixels 3) Bright sunshine duration data (BSD) composed of the difference between sunset and sunrise times for all raster pixels. In the first step of this study, sunrise and sunset times of the study area are calculated with an algorithm that uses Digital Elevation Model. This algorithm is developed specifically for computing those times over a topographic surface which may delay the sunrise time or bring forward the sunset time, thus reducing the BSD. In the second step, unsuitable landforms for settlement are clipped out from the study area based on the thresholds derived from elevation, slope and aspect parameters. Then, BSD histograms and statistics of the settlements and study area are compared for each of the 12 months and for the average of 12 months. Finally, neighborhood analysis on settlements is carried out by comparing the BSD values of each settlement with the BSD characteristics of circular buffer surrounding the settlement. The main conclusion derived from above mentioned analysis is that the BSD does not directly affect the selection of the settlement sites.


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E. Erdoğan, “ Effect of bright sunshine duration on the selection of settlement locatonb : a gis method applied to Çamkırı province ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.