Measuring export diversification between Turkey and Middle East countries over time

Gökalp, Murat


Measuring export diversification in Turkey over time
Şahin, Banu; Erlat, Güzin; Department of Economics (1996)
Measuring vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade for Turkish manufacturing industry over time
Şenoğlu, Demet; Erlat, Güzin; Department of Economics (2003)
In traditional trade theories, foreign trade plays the role of filling the gap of products not produced within the country. However, in the early 1960s increasing exchange of similar products, intra-industry trade, in the world trade have been observed by trade theorists. After the realization of the fact that intra-industry trade has become a very important part of world trade, more comprehensive studies on intra-industry trade have been conducted. At the end of the 1970s, trade theorists started to analyz...
Measuring organizational success of state economic enterprises.
Çağlı, Uğur; Department of Management (1980)
Measuring the impact of trade flows on employment in the Turkish manufacturing industry
Erlat, Güzin (Informa UK Limited, 2000-07-15)
This paper investigates the impact of export and import flows on the change in manufacturing employment using an accounting-identity based approach which enables the change in employment to be decomposed into the contribution made not only by trade but also by domestic consumption and productivity change. The analysis is carried over (i) four subperiods, two belonging to the period before 1980 when Turkey switched from a regime of import-substitution based growth to one of export-orientation, and the other ...
Measuring intra-industry and marginal intra-industry trade - The case for Turkey
Erlat, Güzin; Erlat, Haluk (2003-11-01)
Works on whether Turkey's trade structure is predominantly interindustry or intra-industry and whether there has been a shift toward intra-industry trade (HT) after 1980 are of a limited number The present study attempts to shed some light on these questions, stressing, in particular changes in HT We consider Turkey's trade with the world for the 1969-99 period. We first use the Grubel-Lloyd (GL) index and find that there is a definite difference in the pattern of the weighted average of the three-digit (SI...
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M. Gökalp, “Measuring export diversification between Turkey and Middle East countries over time,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.